Wholesale E-commerce Sites and the New Trend in Online Business

Over the past several months, more companies and enterprises – especially manufacturing companies – have shifted towards e-commerce and online stores as one of the ways to market their products. These companies usually have a squad of sales officers and regional managers handling B2B clients and selling their products directly. The fact that they are shifting to online storefronts and setting up websites to allow both B2B and B2C customers to purchase products directly is interesting for a number of reasons.

Focus on Maintaining an Online Presence

There is a lot to be gained from having an established online store. A manufacturing company can reach more potential customers without spending as much in sales expenses through an effective online store. It is also easier than ever to set up a comprehensive product catalogue and accept credit card payments, especially with merchant services such as High Risk Pay covering more product categories.

Even B2B customers do most of their research online before deciding to make a purchase. Having a clear and user-friendly online store acting as a product catalogue can help to convince customers and boost their level of trust. Most business customers will also make a purchase directly when they can do so online, especially with business credit cards and more payment options now available.

On top of that, a comprehensive online store is a good anchor to a business’s online reputation management. Social media activities, internet marketing and CSR campaigns and even product marketing can all be done with an online store at the core.

Access to Wholesalers and Resellers

Today, a lot of small and home businesses are built around reselling existing products. Having an online store that customers can access means gaining access to these small businesses and their reselling force. A recent study suggested that resellers now account for more than 40% of all online sales, which means you can tap into more retail customers through these entities.

To make it even better, having an online store – through which resellers can buy products wholesale – is the best and easiest way to expand your market as a manufacturing company. You don’t even have to contact those resellers manually and have them distribute your products. An effective marketing campaign and a strong online presence will lead the best resellers across the country to your online store in no time.

Individual Customers Buying Wholesale

Depending on the type of products your company manufactures, having a wholesale online store and dealing directly with end users can be a huge plus. A lot of manufacturing companies are taking this route to further expand their sales. Customers are so used to finding products and services online that they are easier to reach than ever. Through promotional offers, bundled products and other strategies, it is easy to push more products directly to end users through an online store.

These benefits are too good to miss, which is why a lot more manufacturing companies and large enterprises are setting up their online stores and catering to wholesale demands. It is a new trend in online business that will continue to develop over the next several years.