Builder Celebrates £76m Euromillions Win After Finding Ticket in His Van

A man who threw away his lottery tickets away and never even bothered to check them when the results were declared has won the EuroMillions jackpot worth €76 million.

The Boston based gentleman Andrew Clark, 51, was considering of taking an early-on retirement the moment he got to know that he was won the EuroMillions lottery.

Camelot announced that Mr. Andrew Clark had won the 12th highest lottery ever in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Clark lost the ticket but found it later when he was asked by his partner to do so.

When Mr. Clark’s partner Trisha discovered that there is a lottery prize which has not yet been claimed by anybody, she immediately thought of warning Mr. Clark to check for his ticket.

He then started to search for his ticket with no hopes of winning the prize and when he got hold of the lottery ticket and saw that he has the ticket in his possession which is to be claimed; he instantly thought that his working days are over now. Now that he has won a lottery of his lifetime, he is all set to enjoy the rest of his life.

Literally, I mean literally, what are slightest odds of Mr. Clark to win such a big prize!?

I mean €76 million is no joke. There are endless adventures that one can pursue, start a new business, buy luxurious homes, one can raise funds for his startup; I mean the list is never-ending.

A press conference was held in Lincs, where he came out as a winner of the unclaimed prize so far.

Mr. Clark said that he considers himself as a ‘mystery man’ who was quite near at losing €76 million but eventually he is fortunate enough to have won the prize that every other person hopes of.

He further added in the press conference that he is never going to stop buying lottery tickets even after winning one.

Well, a man must not gamble but what’s the harm in buying a lottery which can make you a millionaire overnight.

Mr. Clark did spend his time in a low-key fashion this Christmas, but he has got different plans for the next one. He said that he and his wife are planning to hire a big lodge for the upcoming Christmas so that the entire family can enjoy the occasion together.

Trisha who is not a car person; but guess what money can change the habits.  She bought a cool Nissan Quashquai.

Mr. Clark, a man who once used to make manufacturing parts for Mercedes, is now thinking of buying one. This is how winning a lottery can totally change the life of a person if he is smart about his spending choices.

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