How to Get Car Insurance Quotes for Short Term Covers

Car insurance in most countries is a mandatory requirement if you want to operate a car within the country’s borders. Although the regulations often differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the underlying principle is that getting an insurance cover for your car ensures that the coverage caters for the inhabitants of the car and the vehicle itself.

At times, the basic requirement is to have a cover that at least takes care of a third party that is affected by the negligence or the fault of a car driver. This simply means that if you are a driver and you cause an accident, your insurance company will have to pay for the damage that you caused to the passengers of the car that you hit.

By the same token, if you are not a frequent driver, or if you lease cars to drive often, or if you have a dependent that uses a car sometimes, it is important that you consider getting coverage for the rare occasions when you or they use a car.

The ideas below will help you shop for a short term insurance quote, or plan, that may suit your needs better than getting a longer term insurance cover.

  1. Find out from your current insurance company 

If you currently have an insurance cover, no matter what type of cover it is, you will do yourself justice by first finding out from your insurance company if they will be able to meet your needs for a short-term car insurance cover.

The benefit of doing this is that due to your past relationship, the insurance company could simply merge the different covers that you have and offer you a bulk rate that is lower than the sum of the two different insurance covers. Additionally, it will be easier to negotiate for good terms on the newer short-term car insurance cover.

Moreover, if you first inquire from your insurance company if you can get a short term cover, it may well be that the cover that you already have will cater for short term insurance on a car that you rent or lease for a specific period of time.

If you don’t already have a car insurance cover, whether long term or short term, to get car insurance quotes visit our site.

  1. Find out from the car rental company 

Alternatively, it may also be easier to consult the car rental company that is renting the vehicle to you if they have a short term insurance cover that caters to your needs. By and large, most car rental companies do offer some form of insurance albeit at a more exorbitant cost than an ordinary insurance company.

  1. Shop for a short term car insurance quote online 

If all else fails, then your other option will be to shop for a short term insurance quote online. There are several car insurance companies that you will most likely find close to your home that will meet your needs.

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