Prasad assures industry that policy roadmap will be disclosed

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday assured the industry that policy roadmap will be disclosed to them in advance to help plan better.

The Minister said the spectrum auctions held in March this year were a test for him as he worked to introduce good governance and transparency.

While speaking at an event organised by industry body FICCI, the Minister said, “I want to convey to the industry that auction of spectrum in the future too would be conducted in a timely, fair and transparent way so that there is no cause for uncertainty and ambiguity.”

He added, “The roadmap will be fully disclosed in advance to that industry can put its act together in a planned manner.” The last spectrum auction, the biggest so far, fetched Rs. 1.10 lakh crore to the government.

Mr. Prasad also pointed out that state-run BSNL need to improve the services it offers as well as private players need to fix the problem of call drops. “The public sector BSNL need to be improved and yes the private players also need to improve in terms of call drop. A country of the size of India from whom the world is expecting o much needs to address these areas of gaps,” Mr. Prasad said.


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