The “Islamic State” Invasion of Iraq One Year Removed: The ISIS Grows Stronger, the U.S. Weaker and the World More Dangerous

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It’s so definite that both al Qaeda and ISIS are US made allies, be it fighting Russians in the graveyard of empires of Afghanistan (back in the 1980’s when Reagan and Bush senior created the Mujahedeen-turned-al Qaeda), the balkanizing of Yugoslavia against Serbs in the 1990’s, and Osama and his 15 fellow Saudi stooges of the supposed 19 box-cutting terrorist role actors hired by the Bush-Cheney neocons for the inside 9/11 job. And to this day al Qaeda/ISIS has been employed as the hired gun to create havoc in order to destabilize everywhere the US unleashes it, in effect to “balkanize” Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

Each of the so called Muslim enemies of twenty-first century America – al Qaeda and ISIS – so bent on destroying Americans and the Western world because of our coveted freedoms (a laughable, not even funny joke of a lie) have been proven beyond question or doubt to be mere creations of the international crime syndicate posing as the axis of evil national governments – Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Of course this monstrous fiasco could never have been pulled off without the broader support coming from the likes of the European Union, NATO and other such “good friends” from the Middle East as Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait that along with the usual evil axis culprits have all financially backed international terrorism and the US Empire’s “war on terror” abomination. Numerous sources back up the fact that US and its allies created, funded, armed, trained and continue supplying and supporting ISIS. One such assertion comes from retired General Wesley Clark who back in 2007 also dropped the bombshell revealing the infamous neocon agenda to take down seven sovereign nations in five years, a plan devised even prior to 9/11.

The neocon architects of US foreign policy have a habit of “accidentally on purpose” giving away free arms to America’s supposed enemy. It began with all the light and heavy weapons that accidentally fell into Islamic State’s hands fighting as US proxy war mercenaries against Syria’s Assad. A short time after that heist, last June the Iraqi army abandoned its post to defend Mosul and handed over 2300 more Humvees, more than 50 American made howitzers, a cool half billion in stolen money from Mosul banks making it the richest terrorist group in the world and claiming the bounteous prize of Iraq’s second largest city 249 miles from Baghdad. Then there was last month’s cut and run rerun by those same Iraqi security forces in another mass giveaway in western Iraq’s largest city Ramadi. The Pentagon admits that at least a half dozen tanks and another 100 Humvees were left there for jihadists to claim.

And now as if this pattern isn’t disastrous enough, Washington has approved another order to replenish those lost Humvees with another 1000 along with another 175 M1A1 Abrams tanks to Iraq. What better way for the arms industry to keep getting richer while simultaneously guaranteeing the war on terror continues on forever. Just keep losing stockpiles of US made weapons to the fake enemy and then keep selling more to the Iraqis who keep handing it over to ISIS. War is a racket! And then there’s the latest jewel of an Iraq city falling victim to the unstoppable ISIS “enemy.”  Palmyra was lost and now in the midst of having all its ancient architectural treasures destroyed. If ISIS wasn’t the neocons’ actual friend, this really would be one big batch of bad news.

A latest claim by US Embassy Syria maintains that Assad’s government forces have teamed up with the Islamic State in Syria. After five years of failing to remove the Assad regime, this is likely to be America’s latest false flag strategy by having moderate US backed anti-Syrian rebels come forth to claim that Assad has secretly been in cahoots helping ISIS for the last two years. This would easily provide all the justification the US would need to step up its offensive in Syria, of course not against ISIS but Assad.

This follows on the heels of a highly embarrassing recently released declassified August 2012 document that indicates that the US Pentagon and State Department three years ago identified ISIS as a strategic ally in the wars in both Iraq and Syria. This same document further exposes Hilary Clinton and Obama’s illicit gun running operation using Ambassador Christopher Stevens to oversee the arms shipment from the Benghazi port to Syria. Funny how no sooner does one US lie lead to the next, and the next. The Benghazi cover-up as the lie that won’t go away once again rearing its ugly head causes the “ISIS is a US enemy lie” to get uncovered and then another probable lie suddenly is being promoted as the latest wag the dog whopper designed to not only take the heat off the latest outed deceptions but provide the needed cover for US boots on the ground in both Iraq and Syria. This administration only knows one response when past lies get revealed, engage in yet more deceitful tactics that in this case is a desperado ploy to up the ante against Assad.

Then two and a half months ago there was the half billion dollars’ worth of unaccountable war weaponry gifted the overthrown Yemen puppet government that went to the overthrowers the Shiite Houthis. Then two months ago came more demoralizing news indicating that 5,000 new ISIS recruits were converging on Yemen to fight in the latest war flaring up in the volatile region. The UN report disclosed that 25,000 recruits from most nations around the world have been rushing to the Middle East in droves to sign up with the Islamic State just since last June. The US created terrorist Frankenstein monster appears to only be growing stronger and like a cancer spreading its violent control over a wider expanse of land mass and nations, even spotted training eight miles from the US border in Mexico. This set off a firestorm of speculation that with the upcoming Jade Helm 15 Special Forces exercises scheduled for 10 weeks this summer, the stage may apparently be set for a potential false flag attack by ISIS so that the largest military operation on US soil in history can conveniently go live and dictator Obama can have his martial law.

This “oops” pattern of unwittingly helping America’s enemy just keeps recurring indefinitely. Over and over again the US has been caught red-handed creating and using the proxy services of mercenary allies doubling as the US fake enemies. Or repeatedly being busted supplying airdrops of weapons, food and medical supplies to the waiting Islamic jihadists on the ground with the common excuse it was meant for the Kurds or Iraqi forces. The nine months of so called air campaign to root the Islamic State out of Iraq and Syria have only resulted in strengthening the so called enemy. Instead of bombing the IS jihadists, both Israeli and American jets have targeted Syria’s infrastructure like oil refineries, pipelines and storage grain silos that hurt the Syrian people. Instead of actually striking ISIS as the supposed target in Syria, the US has given ISIS air support aimed to defeat Assad forces. Since Obama’s so called declaration of war against the Islamic State last September, ISIS has only grown in strength, numbers and taken control over more territory in both Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Yemen than ever before, exposing the façade of the US led air coalition as yet another US led deception.

Meanwhile, warmongering Senator John McCain has met regularly with his ISIS buddies, even taking time out of his busy schedule for an all smiles photo-op session. The same with Israeli war criminal Netanyahu making the rounds with bedside visits to hospitalized al Qaeda terrorists in Golan Heights. Ever wonder why al Qaeda/ISIS never attack Israel? Why bite the hand that feeds you? The extreme degree of deceit and hypocrisy that the US and Israel exhibit as the two biggest supporters of state sponsored terrorism is obscene.

Though the US military is notorious for its lack of accountability especially in Iraq and Afghanistan (without even an audit since last century), the Pentagon cannot continue attempting to pretend to constantly lose all its wars without diabolical intention, or giving away years of war-making materials to the alleged enemies with all those purposely designed handouts. It was reported last year that the Pentagon’s grossly wasteful, antiquated system lost over $1 billion worth of ammunition. Despite the General Accounting Office tasked since 1997 with annual audits of the federal government, the Pentagon is always the sole exception as its archaic record keeping methods have failed to produce any accurate accounting. It’s all too obvious that the military’s thinly veiled, chronic excuse of purported incompetence is its sinister way to guarantee continued unaccountability and a forever “war on terror” in the Middle East and North Africa (and now largely under the radar spreading wildly into sub-Saharan Africa with lower intensity dirty secret wars) only continues uninterrupted globally for decades to come.

The oligarch owned and controlled Obama-EU-NATO regime has made it clear that as the power shift moves from their absolute dominance to the rising oligarch giants from the East, movement towards rapid geopolitical destabilization and world war is on the near horizon. Using Ukraine as its preposterous excuse to demonize Putinfor merely responding to US Empire aggression and threat by simply protecting fellow ethnic Russians in Crimea who voted to be annexed and Putin’s own strategic naval base in Crimea, from the beginning the US had no moral ground whatsoever to hypocritically stand in judgment since it was responsible for unlawfully overthrowing a democratically elected leader from a supposed sovereign nation.

Then when more ethnic Russians residing in eastern Ukraine wanted independence from the corrupt, neo-Nazi US puppet regime in Kiev, more false accusations flew trying to blame Putin for the downing of the Malaysian Airliner flight MH 17 when in fact it was destroyed by Ukrainian missiles fired by jets from Kiev. More incessant lies about Putin invading Ukraine clearly showed the world who the real villain is. The NATO commander US General Breedlove’s repeatedly insane charges only embarrassed the US and alienated European nations like Germany that began questioning US Empire’s reckless push for war in their backyard with nuclear powered Russia. Despite the ongoing Minsk peace talks this year brokered by German and French leaders with Putin and Kiev, Obama insists on sending heavy weaponry including 50 Abrams tanks to ensure that war in Ukraine will not only continue but escalates into greater carnage. All as a prelude excuse for war directly with Russia.

Aggressive currency and cyber wars in addition to aggressive military posturing resulting in mounting regional territorial conflict in the South China Sea currently ramping up in Pacific Asia have also been adding fuel to the flames of potential war against China. US is pressuring Australia to enter the cold war against China by engaging in joint military training. Meanwhile, armies from nations around the world have been increasingly involved in West versus East joint training exercises in every corner of the globe, from the Arctic to Africa to Asia in preparation for inevitable global war.

The US warmongering has been responsible for ratcheting up an international arms race as both Russia and Chinaare spending billions more than they used to on their military and both are also competing now against the US as the world’s largest arms peddler. Clearly the oligarchs have deployed and misused the US military as the most lethal destructive force around the globe propping up a crumbling US Empire and its weakening superpower status in rapid hegemonic decline. And after two costly (six trillion and rising) decade plus war defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan both by design, an overburdened tax base and decimated, shrinking middle class, the puppet masters have willfully and diabolically gutted America’s manufacturing base and aging, decaying infrastructure. Only the globalists profit from war, not people or nations.

Obama has been the ideal Manchurian Candidate president for his globalist handlers, deceitfully conning and betraying the people who foolishly voted him twice into office only to have him usher in the present New World Order and the militarization of the US police state. Not only does war continue in Iraq and Afghanistan, it also rages on out of control in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine. But now the counterinsurgency wars practiced by US military around the world have come home to roost against the American people.

Using the lie of “national security” to impose abusive authoritarian control that has obliterated the US constitution, since 9/11 draconian laws have proliferated throughout Western nations. Citizens in a growing number of Western countries are restricted on how much cash they can withdraw from their own bank accounts without banks ratting them out to the feds. This of course is how the globalists eventually manipulate towards a cashless society on their way to a one world government and currency soon replaced by microchips. Even more alarming is the legislation inCanada, Cyprus, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and now Germany that permits banks in emergencies to freeze and even seize all customers’ assets. The next economic crisis will be the next bail out and sadly people stand to lose their life savings.

Other NWO restrictions punishable by law prohibit feeding the homeless in parks, collecting rainwater on your own private property, and growing your own food in a garden on your own property. A Florida court just ruled that living off the totalitarian grid is illegal. In some places homelessness is being criminalized. The increasingly absurd and oppressive state demands that its citizens be totally dependent on the bankrupt system and to this aim is now busily outlawing independence.

In an era of pre-crime thought police and mind control a la the film “The Minority Report,” the power of the state becomes absolute over the collapsing power of the individual and free will. The war trained and militarized police state is currently warring with its own people, particularly if they are Americans of color, poor, war veterans, libertarians, civil liberties activists, First Amendment protesters, progressives, environmentalists, peace activists, constitutionalists, home schoolers, families, Tea Party activists, anti-abortionists, gun rights activists and owners, Christians, property rights activists, and paramilitary groups. The list is growing to pretty much include all Americans now viewed by the traitors in the federal government as enemies of the state and homegrown terrorists.

The US crime cabal government has a long history of fabricating enemies so that the globalist military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about five and a half decades ago could readily manufacture and justify nonstop war. From the prolonged but recently resurrected cold war against Russia and China together with their longtime allies North Korea and Cuba through the first decade long US war in Vietnam to this century’s longest running wars in US history in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Washington criminals in charge have deceptively used their winning formula for losing nonstop war after war simply by never running out of lies to conjure up demonized enemies that get repeated so much in the MSM echo chamber to convince a docile and dumbed down America into blaming conveniently designated scapegoat(s) for all the world’s ills. And now with government abuse out of control, the feds’ latest designated enemy are none other than fellow Americans. Like Bush junior once arrogantly stated, “You’re either with us or against us.”

Using the old divide and conquer strategy together with the Hegelian dialectic to falsely create crises, the US crime cabal government then comes up with its already planned solution that ensures only greater tyrannical control. This methodology deceives the disempowered robotic nation of America from waking up to the evil agenda and, as a result history continually repeats itself. But meanwhile, as nonstop victims of US Empire’s brutal global aggression and conquests by either military force and occupation or economic war and extortion, the rest of the subjugated, abused world as US victims have painfully known who the real devil of an enemy is on this planet – the (Dis)United States of Chaos and Destruction, otherwise known as the globalists’ USA – Usurp Sovereignty of All nations to enslave the entire planet in their New World Order.

Whether under the dominion of Western oligarchs (aka the cabal belonging to the Rothschild’s, English/Euro-royalty, the Vatican, the Rockefellers and the Bush-Clinton crime dynasty) and their predatory central banking system enslaving the world or under the dominion of the emerging power partnership of the Chinese-Russian coalition racing to replace and defeat the sole world superpower of US Empire and its crumbling, valueless standard international fiat currency, make no mistake the powerbrokers on planet earth manipulating the global masses into disempowered impoverishment and death for centuries have numbered but a handful of the wealthiest families on the planet residing in the East as well as the West. The bottom line reality throughout human history is that power corrupts. Humans have simply never been able to evolve sufficiently to where their power structure promotes leaders made from an ilk that’s magnanimous, just, and spiritually motivated to help and uplift their fellow human beings. Instead Western oligarchs for eons have placed their servant politicians, corporate kings and dictators in power to do their evil bidding are by their very nature sub-human, criminal psychopaths who experience not even a shred of guilt, shame, remorse, regret or lost sleep over systematically slaughtering millions of other human beings.

Since the globalists own virtually everything on the planet of any monetary value (in US top .1% owns as much as bottom 90% and by next year the top 1% globally will have more wealth than the bottom 99% of us), owning and controlling national governments, corporations, expansive luxury estates, status cars, boats and toys, valuable art and jewelry all become meaningless. With the thrill of accumulating wealth’s accoutrements long since outgrown and gone after building their wealth off the sweat, blood and labor of the common citizens they’ve always loathed in contempt and fear, the globalists only thrill left to enjoy (aside from their ritualistic acts of pedophilia and human sacrifice) is complete and total domination and control over every surviving human on earth. Hence with technology in recent times they’ve resorted to great lengths to dumb us all down through the numbing, stupefying elixir of various forms of hi-tech digital addiction within their prime arsenal of soft kill weapons of mass distraction.

Unable to think critically or question authority or examine and learn the truth amidst the elite’s carefully controlled weapon of propaganda lies and disinformation, imposing mind control techniques through mass media effects breeds a robotic brainwashed passivity into the zombified masses that have become incapable of or unwilling to recognize the ruling class’ theft and plunder, rendering them powerless to fight back. Lulled into a delusional, delirious state of perpetual, intergenerational slumber, it seems humans have reached critical mass. The human spirit has degenerated as the humanoid species has been literally and exhaustively beaten down so long it’s merely morphed into joining the ranks of the walking dead, their humanity sucked and bled dry by bloodthirsty elitist, psychopathic vampires. What will be left of this diminishing, thoroughly conquered, learned helpless human tribe, all half billion of them when human genocide is said and done, will only be continued subservience to their master.

Ironically the most powerful group on earth delusionally believe that their Darwinistic “might makes right” mindset qualifies only them as the real humans and only rightful heirs to absolute power, prosperity and continued survival that the rest of us “sub-humans” should never share or be entitled. After all, we’re merely looked upon as wasteful, worthless eaters, deadweight consumers fast soaking up what’s left of this planet’s finite supply of dwindling natural resources. Thus for some time now we’ve been viewed as mere useless, used up and expendable commodities that through automation are no longer necessary and hence targeted for eugenic sacrifice to ensure the earth remains sustainable for only the “smarter, stronger, superior” ruling elite and its half billion lackey slaves. The UN Agenda 21 is their master blueprint for accomplishing their global megalomaniacal and demonic objective.

The globalists’ have long known by built-in design that their flawed and broken economic system based on the false precept of perpetual growth cannot and will not last. Granted unlimited power since 1913’s Federal Reserve and Federal Income Tax Acts, the private central banks simply pump paper money out of thin air charging high interest rates on our mounting debts while stealing our hard earned incomes by illegally taxing us to death to pay off our government’s debt is pure Ponzi scheme thievery and madness. Compound this times every nation on earth drowning like us as both a nation and people in insurmountable debts to their World Bank and IMF loans, and you have a miniscule percentage of the population raping, pillaging and destroying our entire planet. Further complicating this broken debtor-slave system is the weighty fact that China has been our primary national creditor buying up worthless US bonds that it now is wanting to unload. After six years in office under Obama, the national debt has increased over 70% now to over $18 trillion. The next big bubble will come when the over $1 quadrillion in the derivatives market plunges. It will be an even bigger problem than in 2008. This highly speculative risk controlled exclusively by the big banks is yet another bubble that printing more worthless money can’t fix. When it implodes, so will the collapse of both the United States and the entire Western economic system.

Hundreds of the wealthiest and most powerful have been preparing for this inevitable crash about to take place. They’ve been busily investing in gold and silver, buying up vast amounts of property in places like South America and relocating their families to safer, more solid ground. Of course China and Russia through BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) have been leading the charge for a USD-free world currency backed by their vast gold reserves. Even the IMF has reluctantly tagged along after the mass exodus of America’s most stalwart allies jumping the sinking US ship, clamoring to become co-founders in China’s big new development on the global scene, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. In all 46 nations applied to become members.

Meanwhile, in all this undercurrent of irreversible preeminent disaster and exposed corruption, scores of high rolling Wall Street banksters have been mysteriously dying at a funny money rate. And though mainstream press holds the standard scripted suicide line, the underworld cloak and dagger currency and banking wars are racking up unprecedented KIA casualties.

In addition to their predatorily rigged, bankrupted Western economy that’s about to blow, the globalists have meticulously utilized advancing technology to further enslave us. With readily accessible bulk data unconstitutionally recording every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave, a massive system of invasive surveillance has been in place watching our every move, every digital conversation, exchange and transaction, the NSA and Homeland Security know us and our daily habits and routines better than we probably know ourselves. To make matters worse, the US Senate just approved an extension of NSA spying of bulk data collection that was the part of the oppressive Patriot Act renewed. That all this massive amount of personal data collection on each American is still instantaneously and systematically retrievable and can be stored on the head of a pin makes it possible for the totalitarian government to monitor everything we literally do, trampling our Fourth Amendment search and seizure and privacy rights. Only minor cosmetic changes to the Patriot Act were dropped. Still a victory for the globalists.

Through GPS and universal face and voice recognition technology, cameras mounted everywhere soon including every road and street intersection, the human herd is being tracked and caged 24/7. 52 million people’s faces by the end of this year will be catalogued on file for Big Brother. Very soon you will not be able to leave your home without a camera collecting your facial image for central data storage. Federal partner Walmart hands its facial shots of all its customers over to the feds for data collection. The same applies to voice recognition. The government can even trace you by picking up your voice on someone else’s cell phone even if it’s turned off. Again, you may try to run from the clutches of total oppression, but it’s near impossible to escape.

To live so dependent on this brave new world grid for survival is to be under their virtual microscopic thumb of the fascist thug control. And with their agenda for mandatory adult vaccination and microchip implants slated within a couple years, facilitated most likely by a false flag attack from a biological airborne virus like Ebola that could contaminate and kill millions, avoidance of death would then only be possible after submitting to their ready-made, “miraculous” cure that’s just an injection-chip away. In this Orwellian nightmare of the New World Order and Hegelian dialectic, you can run but you’re never safe or out of reach.

That’s why with our backs now up against the firing squad wall, we have nothing left to lose but fight against these treasonous tyrants bent on mass murdering so many of us. Now in the 11th hour and the 59th minute before the doomsday clock strikes endgame over, it’s time to shake the sheeple awake out of their comatose doldrums before it’s too late. As mindful citizens of the world, we far outnumber our enemy. And thanks to independent internet media, the Western globalist criminals are being exposed like never before. Realizing they’re losing power and that their jig is up, they are currently acting out pathologically as only they know how, flailing desperately to inflict untold suffering as their last gasp before karma and earth retribution finally catch up to them. And with overwhelming demand for justice in the court of public opinion, in a world tribunal court like The Hague, they will be made accountable for their countless transgressions and crimes against humanity.




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