TinyOwl Food Ordering App – Get Food Online the TinyOwl Way

Developed with the aim of revamping the traditional process for online food order, TinyOwl Android app brings to you a much more streamlined way to order food online. TinyOwl is indeed the fastest and the smartest way for food ordering in the metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

This wonderful app for food ordering is an initiative by a start-up based in Mumbai named TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd. This app is said to have capitalized over the market in the Mumbai city in its initial six months.This app is also the best way to order online for delicious food in cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. Also, it plans to expand in other cities soon.

Never Compromise on Food

In today’s lifestyle, many a times you get so tired after a hectic day at office that you can’t go out to a restaurant for having dinner. Biscuits seem to become your only diet in such circumstances. But with the TinyOwl Android food ordering app on your mobile phone, you will never have to compromise on your palette or diet. You no more need to go out and dine or to deal with the hassles of online food order. This wonderful food ordering app allows you to bring your preferred cuisines home, by just a few taps over your smart phone’s screen.

Variety of Choices

While indulging into food ordering via the TinyOwl app, you get a variety of choices in terms of the number of restaurants. You can order for food from the top restaurants and food joints in your vicinity. Also, you get a whole lot of menu options to choose your favorite dishes from.

Great User Experience

With simple interface and clutter-free design, TinyOwl Android food ordering app offers a great user experience to all its users. It has streamlined the process of traditional food ordering and has transformed it into a quick and smart process.

Detects Location

TinyOwl detects your phone location in a smart way so as to offer you a personalized location based service. It displays you a complete list of the top restaurants in and around your city.

Payment Options

With the TinyOwl app you can indulge into online food order in cash as well as through your debit/credit cards. TinyOwl allows all payment options for paying for your order bill. Flexible payment options make it a better experience for you.

Exclusive offers and deals

There is nothing more appealing and enticing than getting discounts on whatever you shop for. And with TinyOwl Android app you get to avail great deals and offers. The app also suggests you to make use of food coupons and food combinations for saving a good amount of money. This makes you relish the food you order, even more.

Order Tracking

TinyOwl keeps a record of your address, debit/credit card details and your order history. This way you will not have to type in the same details again and again. TinyOwl app saves a lot out of your precious time and makes the food ordering process faster and smarter.

Final Say

With the TinyOwl Android app in your smart phone, food is just a few right taps away. Your favorite dishes will be delivered right at your doorsteps in no time and you will never have to sleep empty stomach after your busy day. Satisfy your hunger by bringing food home the TinyOwl way.

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