David Cameron challenged to live on minimum wage and volunteer at food bank to understand impact of Tory welfare cuts



Iain Duncan Smith, pictured at the Conservative Party conference in September 2014, is to remain in charge of the government's welfare reforms


David Cameron is facing calls to experience the “human cost” of his party’s looming welfare cuts by meeting disabled benefit claimants, volunteering at a food bank and living on the minimum wage.

He has been challenged in an open letter written by a vicar in Manchester, which has been shared more than 75,000 times since it was posted on Facebook on Saturday.

Rev Mike Walsh, from the United Reformed Church, wrote that although the Tories won a working majority in Parliament, the party does not “command a majority of the British people”

“Although our political views are very much at odds on many issues, I’m willing to believe that you are a good man, as sure of your ideals as I am of mine, and believe your plan is what’s best for us all,” he wrote.

“You said today that you will govern for the whole country and bring back together that which has clearly fractured. I hope you will.”


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