Ideas for decorating small dining rooms


The homes are becoming smaller and THEREFORE the space available to place area room Usually has a few square meters. THEREFORE, it is increasingly difficult to decorate This Type of environment.

To succeed With the task of furnishing and decorating This Type of environment You should think acerca aspects: such as the shape and size of the furniture, the color of the walls or lighting. The main objective is to exploit the available space while the appearance of spaciousness is created, all without losing the elegance and welcoming atmosphere. Today we give you some great ideas, to make it.

Opt for light colors

If you want your room look bigger than it really is the first thing You should do is to choose light colors and pastels for walls. The white, ivory, yellow or salmon can be great for this area of the home, Especially since, in Addition to expanding the space, you will brighten the room and Enhance the Natural light. So That the atmosphere is not too boring , it is best Contributions splashes of color through textiles, paintings or flowers.

The tables and chairs more Appropriate

For furniture, furniture is a good idea to to choose low porque does not naturally Prevent the passage of light and also do not saturate the spaces. We also recommend you opt for That materials like glass or acrylic, Especially at round tables, rather than the typical rectangular solid wooden tables, que are tiresome and absorb much light. Of course, Regardless of the shape of the table, is the best you’ll probably go for an extendable table, que Enables you to Accommodate more people When Needed. In the market you will find them in all sizes, shapes and styles.

Furthermore, the chairs are better than thin, fine line without arms, que will help you save space.

Choose the perfect storage furniture

If you still leftover space, place a piece of furniture to help you store dishes, tablecloths, cutlery … And one of the keys to decorating small spaces Is that order is maintained. You can opt for a buffet table, a sideboard, a cabinet … A good thought is to take advantage of the space above, with a narrow but tall cabinet. And in casual dining, you can install shelves Which Will not occupy floor space. Of course, if you have room in the kitchen to save, I save yourself buying furniture for the dining room storage.

DecorThe importance of the mirrors

Another good concept for decorating a small dining room is Placed mirrors, as These items have the Ability to expand the space visually and multiply the Natural light coming through the windows, que Also will help the room look larger. From blog we suggest you to put one or two on the wall, choosing styles That fit with the rest of the decor: modern, classic, simple, no frame …

Do not forget the decorative objects and lighting

DecorOf course, You should not forget to give the space a decorative touch lest it boring. THUS, we recommend adding lamps, plants, paintings … Finally, you Should Provide good lighting space. How? It is best to combine the natural and artificial light, choosing simpler than heavy or thick curtains. And Is that the more light to enter the room, the feeling of the Greater spaciousness.

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