Decoration with wooden boxes

DecorWe return to talk to you very much, but this time to show her new collection of wooden boxes, ideal for jump on the bandwagon of those who are committed to sustainable and respectful with the environment decoration.

The key is to recycle them and give them a use other than is usual. You can create new environments if you let your imagination since a box can become the perfect assistant for the living room furniture, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. It’s a matter of trying.

Use them as a shelf, trunk, container or planter

The boxes have that lovely touch you’ve always wanted for your home. They are available in various finishes and sizes so you can store books, dishes, towels, toys or whatever you want. Furthermore, it is not only a good stacking idea. You can also hang on the wall to get a nice and original shelf that lets you store items that will always be visible and at your fingertips.

In the same vein, a good idea is to use them as trunk or container , while another equally interesting option is to transfer them outside to become fantastic planters. You only have to fill them with colorful flowers for a cheerful and very spring result.

Do It Yourself

As the Do It Yourself (DIY) is so fashionable, I would recommend this to unleash your inner artist. You can paint them to your liking and customize to fit perfectly in the room where you going to place. For this you can use paint , vinyl or stickers.

[ Source :- Letdesigns ]

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