The Different Types of Windows in Witney Homes

Replacing windows can be costly so replacing them needs to be thought through carefully. There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to change yours, it could be to improve the look of the property, to make the home more energy efficient or simply because the old ones are no longer doing the job properly. Another common reason is to reduce noise from the outside of the home. Double glazing is extremely efficient at blocking out the noise from busy roads or areas.

Wooden Windows 

Old properties in Witney often have their original wooden windows. With the right care and maintenance these windows can last a lifetime, but there is a need to work on keeping them in good condition. One of the major problems with wooden frames is the distortion of the frames, causing leaks. The wood will also rot over time and often the frames will need replacing. Flaking paint and varnish needs to be touched up quickly unless you want these expensive repairs. Warning signs indicating that the windows are in bad condition include bubbling of the paint work. This is a sign that the wood is damp beneath and that it needs replacing.

Sash Windows

Sash windows certainly look impressive and they can last a long time, like the wooden framed windows we just mentioned. Sash windows are found in Edwardian and Victorian homes and they certainly add to the appeal of the properties. Problems with the mechanism are very common, broken cords and loss of weights stops the windows from functioning properly. Another issue is with draughts as they are badly insulated and there are often gaps around the framework. If you don’t want the expense or the cold draughts it is a good idea to replace the sash windows with modern UPVC versions that look the same but they are much more efficient.

UPVC Windows 

The use of UPVC windows has increased as they are designed to have a very long life and they’re hardwearing. Plastic windows in Witney are ideal as they are more secure than the wooden versions and they provide great insulation for all properties. It is possible to buy quality windows for the home and the expense is returned thanks to the reduced energy bills over the years that follow. Plastic windows don’t require the high maintenance that sash and wooden windows do either, so they save you money in repairs too.

Steel Windows 

Metal windows often age the home and they can have a very unappealing look. The only time the steel windows look good is in Art Deco buildings or in loft apartments, and only if they have been well looked after. There are specialists that can help you to maintain these kinds of windows but it will come at a price. In addition to the high maintenance costs there will also be higher energy costs as these old style windows don’t offer much in the way of insulation.

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