Pro-gov’t figures appointed to KYK prior to election


Pro-gov’t figures appointed to KYK prior to election



The Justice and Development Party (AK party) appointed Sinan Aksu as director of the KYK without following a transparent and open recruitment process, the Taraf daily reported on Thursday. Three deputy directors were also appointed one day before the election day, while dozens of other figures affiliated with the AK Party were hired as directors of KYK dormitories, Taraf said.

In a leaked audio recording in 2013, Aksu was allegedly heard saying that he had spoken with officials from the Finance Ministry and persuaded them to loan profitable public plots of land to TÜRGEV for 49 years at half their market value. The leaked voice recordings came as part of the graft investigations that came to public attention in December 2013, implicating Bilal Erdoğan, four ex-ministers and other figures close to the AK Party.

Speaking to Taraf, Turkish Public Workers’ Labor Union (Kamu-Sen) President İsmail Koncuk said that the appointments to the KYK were conducted after oral exams, the details of which were not made publicly available to ensure that the candidates favored by the government would be appointed. “This kind of behavior is immoral. You cannot appoint a director to the KYK without publicly announcing the job opening. This constitutes an unlawful act because there are court rulings concerning this… We will file a complaint about these appointments,” Koncuk said.




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