AidaForm Online Form Builder – A Simple and User-Friendly Form Building Platform

Nowadays online forms are used for a lot of different purposes, including customer feedback, market research, lead generation, and more. For businesses and individuals it is important to be able to create such forms, but you’ll find that is a lot easier said than done – especially if you want to customize the form’s structure or design.

Create Forms Easily with AidaForm

Rather than attempting to copy a pre-built form’s HTML code, or trying to learn enough HTML to code one yourself – AidaForm will provide an easier alternative. It is a complete form building platform that has everything you need to create exactly the type of forms that you require.

At its core is its visual form creator that will enable you to combine blocks of various kinds depending on your needs. The blocks in AidaForm cover a wide range of options that you can use to create forms for customer feedback, registrations, orders and payments, surveys, inquiries, and more.

Simply put you don’t need any technical expertise to create forms that look and feel like they belong on your website. All the code will be automatically generated by AidaForm, and all you need to do is copy and paste the form onto your website or share it on social media to start getting responses.

Being able to create forms in itself is an invaluable way to gather data that can be used to improve your business, conduct market research, process orders, and more. On top of that with the types of forms that AidaForm will let you create, you can ensure that the completion rate is high by improving the aesthetics and user experience.

Features and Capabilities

The features in the AidaForm Online Form Builder are designed to provide you with everything that you need to create, share, and make use of the data that you gather. Some of its key features and capabilities will allow you to:

  • Create fully-customizable forms from scratch or by using the numerous templates that are available as a starting point.
  • Add various types of fields to your forms including lists, multiple-choice questions, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, file uploads, and more.
  • Select themes to make your forms look impressive and allow them to fit your website’s design.
  • Receive notifications when users respond to the forms so you can track their performance.
  • Analyze the data that your forms have obtained using the informative visualizations and graphical representations in the web interface.
  • Export data to Google Sheets or Excel documents to make it easy to view or manage them.
  • Integrate AidaForm with third-party services such as MailChimp or Zapier.


Due to its versatility and the scope of its features, AidaForm will help you to create any kind of online form that you need to – without forcing you to jump through any hoops. At the end of the day this will let you truly take advantage of the benefits that online forms can provide, without having to worry about any of the challenges that come with it.