Different places, different rules: Travelling on the right side of the law

Have you ever imagined yourself travelling around the world?  Or just make a local trip? Regardless of whether you travel for leisure or for business, travelling is an integral part of the modern day citizen. It is therefore critical that you make it your business to understand the specific laws that govern the place you intend to visit.

When you travel, there are several important considerations you need to have in mind:

  • When soliciting the services of travel agent it is crucial that you make it a point to thoroughly vet the agent in order to ascertain whether or not they are competent. A competent agent can be the difference between you and a scandal free trip. A number of travel agents have in the past been accused of being an added burden in regards to cost and sometimes fraudulent. This then requires you to be vigilant in choosing who you deal with.
  • When you travel to different places you require all sorts of legal documentation. Conduct detailed and conclusive research before your trip in order to determine exactly what type of documentation you are going to need wherever you go. Make a list and be thorough about it. Never overlook a document however insignificant it might seem to you.
  • Ensure that you look out for any travel advice or public announcements regarding your destination. The legal implications of ignoring travel advisories can be undesirable.
  • Get to know your destination. Read through and understand local laws, customs and practices of your destination. During your visit to a foreign place you will be under the rule of the local law.
  • You MUST avoid buying, selling or consuming illicit drugs or drinking alcohol beyond the legal limit of the state or country you visit. Companies seeking to buy or move alcohol must make it a priority to seek legal advice from seasoned attorneys such as Monshaugen& Van Huff, P.C.
  • As a preventive measure avoid dealing with unauthorized merchants or agents when making purchases or trade of any kind. Protect yourself from prosecution. Above all else, be a model law abiding citizen.

Other considerations that would contribute to keeping you on the right side of the law include:

  1. No matter where you travel the culture of the place need to be respected at all times. As a guest, you should show respect for people cultural beliefs and practices. Dress Modestly just to be safe
  2. Respecting people’s property: In many cultures and legal systems it is against the law to steal. Respect other people’s right t own property.
  3. Do not be shy to ask for assistance when and where you need it. Interact with the local people. Learn from them but always be cautious. Not everyone is a Good Samaritan.

Many people, when asked about their hobbies, tend to rank travelling highly in their list. With countless possibilities and numerous destinations, moving from one place to another can be both pleasurable and utterly discomforting. When it comes to matters of the law it is paramount you understand the lay of the land as much as you memorize the topography.


Sean Griffith has been writing articles for different companies including Monshaugen& Van Huff, P.C. for the past 5 years. He is well travelled and has extensive experience.