Never Buy a Cell Phone Monitoring App That is Missing These 5 Features

With dozens of monitoring apps available for Android phones in the market, and each claiming to offer features others don’t, it becomes extremely difficult to find that one app which can fulfill all your monitoring needs. This is when most of the people leave everything on luck and pick any app randomly, only to regret the decision afterwards. We totally understand just how frustrating this whole situation can be. That is why we have come up with a very simple and easy formula to help you find the best monitoring app regardless of your requirements. If any of the monitoring apps you’re considering fulfills the criteria given below, then buy it without giving it a second though. However, if the app lacks two or more of these essential features, then keep on searching. In other words, don’t settle for less.

Monitor Web Browsing History

In this digital world, it is difficult to ignore the online threats constantly circling kids, the most prevalent of which is pornography and other inappropriate content This is why you must invest in monitoring tools, like the StealthMate phone monitoring app for instance, as they keep you aware of every single website your kids visit. This can help you in discouraging them from accessing inappropriate content when they think no one is looking. This feature is equally important for employers as well as it aids them in keeping employees from wasting time online.

Keep SMS and Call Logs

SMS and call logs tell a lot about the people and the company they keep. In addition, they give information about the latest happenings in their lives, their plans, and even their untold secrets as a large number of people still use text messages as a primary mode of communication. A monitoring app that lacks the ability to keep tabs on SMS and call logs is not worth buying.

Monitor Pictures

It is very common for kids to share their photos online. In order to get more attention or please a member of the opposite sex, they may take inappropriate photos of themselves and share them without thinking about the consequences in case these photos are leaked or use for blackmailing. Luckily, a few monitoring apps have the ability to save every single photo present on the target device, even if it gets deleted shortly after. This feature also exposes those employees who secretly take pictures of their co-workers, mostly females. You should make sure that the app you are investing your money in lets you monitor pictures on the target device.

Track Location

This is yet another essential feature you simply can’t ignore while buying a monitoring app. It allows you to track the whereabouts of the target device, or in other words, the person using it round the clock through the device’s GPS. You can get access to location details from anywhere at any time through an online account. We’ll talk more about this remote access next.

Remote Monitoring

The core purpose of using monitoring apps is to make the whole process of monitoring kids and employees convenient, and this is only possible if these apps offer remote monitoring. Make sure the app you are interested to buy lets you keep tabs on your kids, employees, or anyone else from any remote location. Luckily, there are a few apps that only require a reliable internet connection to transmit details of all activities on the target device to an online account. A username and password is required to access this control panel, keeping the logged information secure from snoops. The best part is that you can get access to the control panel through any device, provided it’s connected to the internet.