A Remote Control of Convenience and Safety – Leaf’s Air


Want a house that thinks along with you? Get Leaf Technologies Air, the smartest, most durable, and most stylish automatic electrical components control system that uses technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Temperature and Brightness sensors, and smartphone applications to deliver the most wholesome user experience. Control your household appliances remotely from your smartphone, tap on the sleek Air device to control your house’s lighting, and enjoy vital alerts about appliances left switched on unintentionally, and an intrusion at your home – all this and more through Air.

If you are planning to buy home automation product, then Air is the smartest kit available in market. Let’s see some other sides of Air.

Air- Saving Energy, Paying You Back

Air redefines smartness, transcending the cosmetic confines of ordinary lighting and appliance control devices, and actually delivering economic benefits in the form of savings on unnecessary energy utilization. You can configure the device and the app to automatically switch off appliances when you are not at home, which helps save energy.

Air is smart enough to identify the presence of occupants in a room; when the rooms are empty, it can automatically switch off non critical appliances to put a tab on the energy consumption for your household.

You can take out reports to identify the most power intensive devices in operation in your household, so that you know when you need to take a step back and control how often you use those power guzzling air conditioners and microwaves.

You can get accurate reports of energy consumption linked to each of the 4 switchboards empowered with the Air device switchboard modules. This helps you identify the critical switchboard where unnecessary energy expenditures are being observed.

The next time you forget your geyser switched on when you leave for work, do not worry, as you will be able to use your Air app on your smartphone to just switch the geyser off remotely.

Air as a Lifestyle Enhancer

Your home is a vital part of your life; it’s your getaway from the rest of the world, your refuge into a world of peace. Why not let your home love you a little more? With Air at your disposal, that’s possible. Here’s how –

Air has the artificial intelligence that lets it make smart decisions about which lights to switch on at what time of the day, depending on whether or not the room’s occupied.

Its PIR sensors enable it to detect your presence in the room even if you are cozying up snuggled under the heaviest of blankets.

Over days, Air will learn your preferences, and will switch on the lights and appliances you want without any inputs from your idea, apart from the lightest tap on the device.

Air will save you vital minutes and mind space at several instances during your day, whether it’s by switching on your geyser when you wake up, or by popping out your bread toasts as you groom up for another day at the office.

Brew your coffee by switching on the coffee machine as you drive back to your place from home, and be greeted by the perfect cup of Joe when you return from a tiring day at work.


Air as a Security Add-on

Apart from the convenience appeal of Air, the device is also a superb security and health hazard solution for households, especially ones where kids remain unattended for an appreciable part of the day.

Air is equipped with sensitive motion sensors; expect the device to detect any unscheduled activity in your house, and trigger immediate notification to you. This can significantly enhance the safety of your house.

Lock your appliances that could pose safety hazards to your children or any elderly people at your home; just use the Air app to lock the appliance, which means that it will not be switched on till the time you unlock it from your smartphone. Control when your children watch TV, and ensure they don’t get hurt by accidently switching on and tampering with the mixer and grinder.

Air will not require you to rewire the household electricity connections; all you need to do is to install the Air switchboard modules behind the switchboards you wish to control through your Air app and the pentagonal Air device.