Small Business Ideas in India for the New Age Entrepreneur

Gone are the days when people were happy merely with just their jobs. With more small business ideas in India popping up in the scene and people taking an interest, starting a business has gained a lot of popularity among masses.

People are not only ready to take up the risk but are also ready to do anything that it takes to make their business successful.

As per the recent reports from NASSCOM, Startups in India have witnessed 108% growth in funding in 2018.

So, this is the most right time, when entrepreneurs can dream of running a successful startup in India.

Having said that, choosing the right small business can be a daunting task.

Read on to know about some of the popular choices you could toil with when you choose to start your own business.

What is a Small Business?

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Before considering the small business options at your disposal, it is important to have a clear understanding of the concept of Small Business.

Small business is basically a business that can be started with low investment and doesn’t require heavy man-force. Different new business ideas in India with low investment are gaining lots of prevalence these days, thanks to the booming prevalence of Digital India.

In today’s time, with right Digital Marketing and Advertising strategies, you can easily optimize the presence of your business in front of the most relevant audiences. Read this Quora answer to know why Digital Marketing is good and can help you in establishing your business.

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You can generate leads and boost sales. – And the best part is, you can do all this just by sitting in your home and using your Smartphone, Desktop or Laptop.

Before diving deep into the world of ideas for new business with low investment, let us have a look what experts like Warren Buffett and Michael R. Bloomberg are suggesting to small business owners-

Read on to know some of the amazing options you can choose from when you start a small business.

Best Small Business Ideas in India

1. Social Media Services

The most popular option that people choose is Social Media Services. Every major company or even a new company for that matter is trying hard to gain an online presence.

In pursuit of an online appearance, these companies have social handles that are to be handled. In order to gain more profits and increase sales, these companies rely on heavy marketing.

Owing to this, all the companies are on the lookout for people who have creative thinking and provide them with twisted work for more efficiency. You can easily work with developers and advertisers to get more clients and generate more profits.

2. Online Print Shop

This is one of the most considered ideas for small businesses in India. Start with listing the products you deal in on your website. Make a pact to go for the products that have more margin and are also in demand among the masses.

Apart from this, there is merely something that needs to be done. You may choose to indulge in offline marketing by talking to other businesses about the things they print. All these things make this a sure inclusion in the list of small business ideas in India.

3. Blogging

Blogging has evolved greatly from a mere hobby. People are now taking up blogging as a career option too. Having said that, blogging is also a great option when we talk about small business ideas in India.

By mastering the technique of writing and learning about the audience you can take your business to great heights.

You may indulge in options like

(i) Rogue blogs that talk strongly in favour or against a topic.

(ii) Guests host blogs that are primarily done by guests writers for a website.

(iii) Crash Test Dummy blogs which revolve basically around reviews.

(iv) Niche blogs which mainly focus on a particular audience with specific interests.

(v) You may even gift free content with some posts. This is referred to as Giver Blogs.

(vi) Guide blogs that mainly relate to helping users to a new product or a new concept.

(vii) Enterprise blogs which are mainly written for an enterprise or a company.

4. Web Content Writing

Relying on your knowledge about writing, you can easily choose to set up a business that comes with low investment. The only investment it demands is hard work that you must be ready to put in.

Most companies and writers are now looking for people that can provide them with quality content.

To start with you may talk with some writers or even sign a contract with a brand or a website. You may even set up your own site for your preferred niche or start blogs.

5. Domain and Hosting Services

With technology taking over and most of the businesses going online, domain and hosting services have climbed their way up the ladder of small business ideas in India.

If you can attract the customers with your reliable hosting and domain services, there is absolutely no looking back for your business.

The main advantage of this inclusion in the small business ideas in India is you would never run out of clients.

6. SEO Consultant

Small Business Ideas

SEO Consultant

Increasing competition has been troubling a ton of bloggers. With more and more competition coming in the scene, the need to be ranked higher online has increased many folds. No matter how good the content is, the need for an SEO expert would never go out of fashion.

In order to bring the odds of Search Engine Optimization in their favour, every website or a writer is looking for experienced SEO consultants. This makes the option of an SEO consultant an easy inclusion in the list of small business ideas in India.

7. Translation Services

Globalization has increased to a growing extent. With technology taking over, all the problems of globalization have been tackled easily. With the aid of the internet, influencers have become an important thing for the audience.

In today’s age, influencers provide aid in interpretation. Blogging from international influencers runs a long way in proving that language is surely not a barrier.

All that is required in this member of small business ideas in India list, is personnel with a stronghold of an international language accompanied with a piece of knowledge about corresponding regional Hindi languages.

8. Freelancer

It would not be wrong to state that the 21st century has been the breeding time for Freelancing. People are choosing freelance work happily.

The basic advantage that one can enjoy is the flexibility it has to offer. With absolutely no headache about working hours, style or even the place of working, being a freelancer is something every person would fancy.

Freelancing is one option that ranks amongst the toppers in the list of new business ideas with low investment online. Due to the options, one can choose from, freelancing is undoubtedly one of the most successful small business ideas in India.

9. Education Services

It is a common fact that the education system is only growing to improve and the demand for highly skilled professionals would thrive too.

The list of new business ideas in India with low investment allows you to consider the option of opening an Education Service firm. You would be responsible for training students to get jobs in there easily.

With a network of trained professionals, you can easily grow your business over a short period of time. This member of the small business ideas in India list is an option that is growing rapidly as compared to the other available fields.

 10. Career Guidance

Owing to the cut-throat competition accompanied by luring fields, choosing the right career option has become a tough task in today’s time. Due to this, this first thought that pops up in the minds of students and parents is professional advice.

With the aid of counsellors and professional, you can start earning fast. This option is growing rapidly owing to the stress that every individual goes through when we talk about career.

11. Cyber and IT Security

The cases of cyber and IT crime have been on the rise in recent times. Due to the number of crimes increasing day-by-day, all companies are in search of people who can assure them of security. This justifies the fact that why cyber and IT security experts are in such demand these days.

If you possess knowledge about IT security systems or just having a network of IT security professionals, you can make it big in a matter of a few months. This option of small business ideas in India would help you to work with big names in the market and gain unmatched exposure for your future endeavours.

12. Financial Planning and Management Services

Most people these days face a shortage of time in order to keep a proper track of their money. This also leaves them with meagre time to plan about investments.

Owing to this reason, many people turn to financial planning and management services which allow them to not only keep a track but also manage future investments. You are supposed to be a certified financial partner if you choose to go with this option of small business ideas in India.

13. Franchise Store

Samll Business Ideas


Starting your own franchise is an idea that has been underrated for quite long. This option is a great way to create a big business and that too around a small idea.

Simply by online promotion and a creative product or idea, you can start a franchise. Fortunately, if you succeed, all you have to do is indulge in the operations at a larger scale. This way you’d have a big business ready in no time.

14. Photography

The need to capture moments never makes photographers go out of fashion. With options like working with an organization or as a freelancer, you have a variety of stuff to choose from. Your talent for clicking photographs is more than enough to help you make a big business.

The only investment that is done, is for the gadgets and portfolios. You may choose to start own business and deploy photographers to cover events.

15. Advertising Agency

No company would ignore offline promotions just because they have a strong online appearance. An advertising agency is one such option of the small business ideas in India list that allows you to start your work at a minimal cost.

Hoardings are something that would surely catch your attention and stay with you most of the times. You simply take an order and start doing the advertising. That is all it takes to start your own small business and make it large.

16. Advertisement Making

Simply with the possession of a creative mind, you can start your business in the field of Advertisement Making. All the companies are always on the lookout for people who are expressive and creative at the same time.

The simple Mayra for success is to convince the clients that you can add value to their advertisements. You can easily learn different strategies of online advertisements and they can take this to the next level by advertising some of the businesses in your local area.

This way, you can slowly establish yourself as an efficient advertising company in your are.

17. Animation

Animation is an option that has claimed up its way in the list of small business ideas in India rapidly. With the advancement in technology, Animation is growing as a profession.

You may choose to start an online business or simply go offline and train budding aspirants to take animation as a career. This field would also allow you to work with corporations who always require animated visual and audio content. This way you can earn handsomely too.

18. Online Tutorials

If you have the spark to teach people, this option is just for you. With the advancement in technology, people are now interested in studying from the comfort of their homes.

You may sign up with a website or start your own platform and teach people. If you have expertise in a particular field, and you know that your tutorials can benefit many that are looking for the guidance, this is the right time for you to opt for Online Tutorials as your small startup business ideas in India.

19. Consultancy and Green Store

The need to protect the earth is something that has made people more eco-friendly as compared to the past.

Keeping this in context, you can start a store to market your wok green products and even start a green consultancy.

This is the one field, where you can also get lots of support for the government and organization that are keen on promoting eco-friendly new business ideas with low investment online.

20. Estate Agents

With an increase in the population and the need for shelter, there is a never-ending demand for real estate advisors. Be it renting and accommodation or purchasing it, people always tend to take the advice of Estate agents.

Most of the people readily invest in properties and this is one of the main advantages of this business. Make sure to stay alert as you might encounter some fraud offers too.

21. Human Resource ManagemenHuman Resource Management

You can choose to start your own online business of proving recruitment assistance to companies. This business has always been popular since the demand for skilled professionals has increased. With increasing jobs and aspirants, you can capture the market to make the two meet.

You can earn highly through commissions simply by referring a candidate to a company that his performance matches. All this makes it a promising part of the small business ideas in India.

22. Meal Services

The main reason for every work is eating for food. A business that indulges in providing food is always a good idea. To start on a small scale, you can initially start by providing meal services to corporations.

You may even go online to promote your business or tie up with food delivery chains. Even, if you want to know about the most convenient and promising small startup business ideas in India, Meal Services is one of the top rated ones for you.

With a wide variety of Food Delivery Startups like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, etc, Meal services can easily be optimized to meet their target audiences. And if you offer great quality foods, slowly and steadily, you will get established yourself in the market

23. Babysitting

With many parents choosing to work even after a child, the demand for babysitters has risen up.

You may choose to become a babysitter yourself or simply start your business of proving baby sitters. Make sure to have trustworthy employees to establish your name. You may later start a daycare centre too.

24. Pet Care

Every pet owner treats their pet like a family member. Owing to some circumstances, they have to leave their pets at home or with neighbours.

This makes them realize the importance of pet care. With a pet care centre, you can earn handsomely by taking care of pets and even fulfil your wish of staying with different pets.

25. Party Services

If you have a creative mind and can make people enjoy, this is just for you.

By offering part services, you can deal in decorations, organizing events, organizing games and what not!

Slowly and gradually you can increase the scale and establish your own event management company.

In Conclusion…

These are some of the small business ideas in India that you can use to start on a small scale and then later transform them into full-fledged businesses. In addition, they for sure help you make profits with the little investments.

With the help of the right Digital Marketing Strategy, you can easily promote your business in front of the most relevant audiences. Effective targeting, lead generations and conversions can also be easily ensured for these ideas for new business with low investment.

Joining the Digital Marketing Course can help you learn the right Digital Marketing Practices that are best fit for Small Businesses.

The course comprises SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics, and Facebook Marketing. This way, you will be finding a wide variety of strategies that can be very effective for small businesses and startups.

Also, have a look at these new business ideas with small investment to start your business today.

So, what according to you is the most successful Small Business Ideas in India? Share your views with us in the comments below.