5 Costs to Factor into Your Online Medical Fundraising

Medical bills may be unexpected when emergencies arise. Sometimes complications occur making the cost of treatment far more than what you expected in the first place. Your insurance carrier may only be able to cover the cost of treatment up to a certain limit after which all costs should be managed out-of-pocket. When you are at the end of the line having dug through your savings are in need of financial assistance, online fundraising is the solution.

There are various charitable online funding websites that allow people to get the financial help they need from willing donors. Through the website you can set up a fund where family, friends and even strangers in the community who are willing to offer support for medical bill funding, cancer funding and other dire medical situations can chip in. The following are some of the costs to factor in when setting the target for the fundraising:

Medical treatments

Medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiology and surgery for cancer patients can be quite expensive. You should find out how much the insurance cover will take on and subtract this cost from the overall cost of treatment as what you are supposed to pay out-of-pocket. The cost of medical treatments also includes your stay at the hospital.

Medical equipment and prescriptions

For some illnesses, you need to be constantly on prescription medication as part of the disease management programs. Missing any of these prescriptions could have serious health consequences. Healthcare can be so costly that filling your prescriptions is a challenge. There is also the cost of medical equipment such as wheelchairs and other specialized apparatus.

Travel expenses

If the treatment for your condition is not available in your area, you may have to travel out of state or even out of country for specialized medical attention. You should calculate the costs of plane tickets and train rides. Patients in critical condition may only be transported in an air ambulance because every second counts and this may be very expensive.

Care giving and at-home care

Prolonged stay in the hospital can rack up the medical bills tremendously. If the patient is in stable condition and only required to visit the hospital at regular intervals, the doctor may advice at-home care with a professional caregiver. If you are not insured for at-home care, the cost of the caregiver will lie squarely on you and your family. You can also seek help for these costs through online fundraising.

Family and living expenses

Besides the cost of travel, there are many other expenses involved when you go out of state or country for treatment. There is the cost of accommodation for the family member travelling with the patient if they cannot travel alone. The living expenses such as the cost of hotels, food and other personal effects can weigh in heavy on the ability to pay for the medical expenses, especially if you end up staying longer that you had anticipated.


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