5 Fun Activities that Make Diwali Fun in India

Diwali is just a few weeks away and the festive season in India is at its full bloom. This is the time to enjoy with family, friends and near and dear ones. This is the time to visit homes of relatives and welcome them home as well. When you have many guests home, you also need to make sure they will comfortable and at home. Here are 5 fun activities you can arrange at your home to keep the guests entertained:

Rangoli Making

Most of the Hindu households decorate their entrances on Diwali with attractive powder colour designs called Rangoli. In the past, this used to be done on the traditional ‘aangans’ of households. Today, since people live in apartments and flats, they create the Rangoli designs on the entrance to their flats. As many women group together to form attractive colour designs while chatting and gossiping, their bonding increases further.

Creating Homemade Lanterns

Another very interesting activity to take up with kids in the household is to encourage them to make handmade lanterns. As more and more people are moving towards green living, it is time you take a step yourself. Encourage kids in the locality to make attractive lanterns from waste or from biodegradable materials so that they do not pollute the environment. Teach them the importance of green living in the course. This is the best way to bring out the artistic skills in your kids

Family Shopping for Festive Season

Diwali time is the time for family shopping. There are countless Dhamaka offers in every store online and offline. So, head to your nearest store and buy clothes, apparels, footwear and everything that is needed for this Diwali season. Enjoy the feeling of oneness as you venture to shop for the festival.

Sweet Making for the Occasion

No festival can be really complete without sweets. Surf the websites for innovative sweet recipes. Start preparing sweets a few weeks before the festival. Decide a list of sweets that you need to prepare for Diwali. Gather all the family members who are keen on cooking and seek their assistance in preparing sweets at home. As many women together participate in an activity, it becomes an enjoyable occasion that remains in your memory for long. Craft such memorable occasions by involving more participation.

Family Session of Rummy Games

When you have many members of the family gathered at one location, you need to keep them busy in different activities. Rummy games are popular throughout India and one of the most popular entertainments during festivals. Organise the people who have assembled at home in groups for playing rummy. Since the number of people playing a rummy game may vary anywhere between 2-6 members, you have greater flexibility to arrange people.

To make the session of card games even more interesting, decide the prizes for winners of the game. You may arrange a proper competition between different teams. This will add to the enthusiasm of the players too.

Family gatherings are fun if you arrange everything properly. You need to understand that different types of people maybe a part of family gatherings. The set of activities you choose should be diverse so that every individual finds an opportunity to participate in some activity or the other. This is important for the occasion to be a success and to stay memorable.