A Message from our Managing Directors

Dear Friends,

We are in an unprecedented time and it’s really a war out there. There are no words in this world that can justify the amount of pain and helplessness we are seeing all around us. Our friends, loved ones, our help, our clients, our employees – everyone is facing the once in a century pandemic  .

As the 2nd wave of pandemic engulfs our nation, we as Bajaj Capital are prioritising the health and safety of our employees and our teams.

The business metrics like targets, deadlines have taken the backseat and human metrics of caring for our teams, their families, being able to provide for medicines, oxygen cylinders, ventilator beds take the front seat.

Whilst we strive to provide you with our unmatched services for which we have stood for the last 56 years, this conscious keeping ahead of human metrics is what we both have decided.

As a result, you may experience delays in revert, longer wait times when you call our toll free number 1800-313-123-123 or reach out to your relationship manager to manage your finances. We both, request your sincere patience and trust that we are doing everything possible to serve you while following every safety protocols.

Remember, every time you decide to invest through us, start or continue a SIP, or buy insurance, you are helping your relationship manager run the engine of the economy. To continue investing and protecting your wealth and together we will all sail through these tough times.

Our sincere thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones.