Before You Sign the Papers, Make Sure You Know Who You’re Hiring

If you select 30 candidates to interview for your next managerial position, it is likely that over 10 of them will have misrepresented their level of education. Hiring applicants with a particular degree or specialization is critical to the success of teams and organizations, but it is easier than ever to procure fabricated certificates and diplomas. So how can you tell if applicants have actually obtained their stated level of education?

More Than a Pretty Resume

Anyone can put down a graduate degree from Harvard on their resume, but not everyone has the paper to back it up. Often this disparity comes to light in the interview process, even when candidates come prepared to speak on topics relevant to the prospective job. With this in mind, it’s important to ask specific and nuanced questions in each interview that test a candidate’s understanding of their field of study. It’s better to spend lots of time up front carefully crafting a standardized set of questions than to restart the hiring process outright.

The Proof is in the Paper

You can also go straight to the source to confirm a potential employee’s education. It’s perfectly fair to ask applicants for copies of their degrees, particularly if their role requires niche specialization. Education verification services provide a cost-effective means through which you can fact-check someone’s schooling and make sure the person you are hiring meets the necessary requirements. Reviewing the validity of someone’s educational background is much like reviewing their criminal background: both are time-saving ways to ensure the safety and productivity of your team.

Benefits Beyond a Single Role

To lead a strong, efficient team, you need the right people at the head of the table. Doing a little bit more to investigate the reality of someone’s education and experience is key in building a team centered on trust, discipline and, of course, honesty. Research has shown that highly educated employees, compensated appropriately for their level of education, contribute to greater productivity and growth in their organizations. So if you’re willing to pay for a well-qualified employee, it’s worth it to confirm their education and experience. It may just put you on the fast-track to reaching your team’s goals.