Bond Savings and Loans acquires commercial banking license


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Bond savings and Loans Limited has confirmed to Citi Business News that the company is on track to in its quest to become a commercial bank in 2017.

During its launch, the bank indicated it wanted to be a commercial bank in order to expand its operations and deliver world class services to the banking public.

Bond savings and loans is a non-bank Financial Institution licensed in 2007 under NBFI law PNDC Law 328 to provide financial services.

Speaking to Citi Business News, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bond, George Ofosuhene said the company was currently in the process of completing the regulatory requirement in acquiring a universal banking license.

“The company has spoken to other institutions who are ready to support the bank achieve its goal and we are currently in the process of acquiring the universal banking license even before that we are engaged in ensure that our customers receive the best of service and even better than what the commercial banks offer in the county.”

BOND metamorphosed into a Savings & Loans company in August 2014 and has since added to its portfolio several exciting and innovative products, the latest additions being BOND Easy Insure, BOND Duapa and E-banking services made up of inward remittances, mobile money services and internet banking.

The Easy insure is a solution to the “No premium, no cover” policy introduced by the NIC in 2014.

It is a win –win situation for the insurance company as well as the assured and will encourage people to take out insurance policies.

BOND Duapa as the name connotes is a good or secure tree. Once a good seed is sown, the yield can only be bountiful. This is a monthly investment product that when compounded over time will yield high returns.

Having an investment goal and consistency is the key to this product as the investment sum need not be high. While its E banking services use state of the art technology and equipment to deliver on our promise. We are in the digital age and BOND promises to use technological advances to enhance its services to its customers.





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