Can custom doors increase a home’s value?

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Some time back when real estate service providers were asked what alterations or modifications lead to highest rate of return on home, improvements that increase energy efficiency were number one followed by modifications that were “first impression” providers.

Custom doors come in the category of first impression providers. Imagine placing your hand on a heavy custom door, made completely of solid wood. Swinging with ease and closing with a click. The strength and power of this first impression will speak for itself. Quality custom doors are quite expensive and involve pretty good investment. They are solely installed by a qualified professional.

There are many places which create these kinds of high quality doors. While making a custom door, people keep in mind various things and construct a door accordingly like- quality of house, quality of neighborhood ( whether it is safe or not), beautification, etc.

It is obvious that first impression of custom solid wood door with decorative door knockers will be much more positive than a normal door. It will undoubtedly, add value to your house. Since the entry way is the focal point of a home’s façade, it is imperative to select an elegant door with enduring appeal for the front of your house and dress it with handsome handle and knocker. Custom doors can dictate the character of your home. Hence, whether the outside exudes a Quaker style design with wood and a stone-siding, or has an old Victorian appeal with arches and turrets, it can be built to reflect the right image.

For a truly custom look that lends an air of uniqueness and offers a warm, rich appearance, you can look for custom doors made of aluminum, steel, iron or wood. In wood you have plenty of choices for the kind of wood like mahogany, oak, teak, maple or cherry. We can stain various wood species in a variety of finishes to match the exterior of your house and showcase custom door’s rich vertical grain. It is always recommended that you should use highest quality and longest lasting stains and finishes.

In case you choose wooden custom doors, you always have a choice to incorporate a window in the door as it enhances its character.  Let the light in by asking for clear glass panes, stained glass or a variety of frosted or textured glass.  Also, a custom solid wood door can last for centuries being passed from generation to generation. In case of privacy you can ask to have a speakeasy peephole installed in your custom made door. Also, consider having custom door installed with sidelights.

A good door should be of good quality and should also serve for security purposes. In worst case scenario a custom solid wood door is now a protective barrier against break-ins and thefts. Whereas custom hardware holds the door solid, works flawlessly and is meant to never need to be replaced.

Although custom exterior doors often go along with other custom modifications like quality interior doors, windows, spacious entrances and quality wood flooring.., the door seems to create the biggest impact.