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Careers in Technology: What to Look For

A positive work culture encourages top talent to come to your company and it benefits you by attracting them to remain in its employ. You do not need to have a lavish workspace or a massive campus like Microsoft to attract the best employees.

Culture building requires a personal touch and a feeling of amity that extends past work hours. It includes people needing a positive work environment as well as shared inspirations and passions. Whether this includes world traveling, writing, family, motorcycles, or some other hobby, a positive work culture encourages the development of people outside of work as well as their career development at work.

Positive work cultures offer fringe benefits that put the other companies to shame. Look for unlimited or generous paid time off (PTO), a 401k matching plan, medical insurance coverage with flex account options, other insurance plan types such as AD&D life dental and vision. These types of companies also offer competitive base salaries, college graduate training programs as well as paid Microsoft training and certifications. Some also offer consultant home office reimbursement.

Flexible schedules and a mentoring program also contribute to healthy work culture. This, as much as training programs, enables you to grow as a person and in your career. Developing your career tops the list of items a good workplace offers. You need an environment that provides what each person considers a great work environment. A good manager provides offices with closed doors to those who require that for productivity. They provide an open workspace for those who need to collaborate. They assign teams based on people’s strengths so the person who works best in private and silence never gets put on a team with people who only work well collaborating in an open space. This respect for an individual’s skills and work needs shows how a good manager helps build a positive work environment. They extend that respect to independent contractors who work with the company as well.

This shows respect for the most valuable currency – time. Each individual chooses how to spend their time outside of work and work time should be spent only on work. Enabling each individual to maximize their productivity each day without impeding another person’s productivity.

The best work cultures understand the difference between important and urgent. Urgent means a client deadline and that always comes first. A company must meet client deadlines at all times to respect its customers. Other work may seem important, but nothing tops your customers. They always come first so meeting deadlines for programming or business documents remains vital. A great, positive work culture respects all of its clients and serves their needs as well as those of employees.

If you work in management information systems, computer science, or business development, a company like offers all of those items through its career tracks in Microsoft Dynamics. You could work as a data analyst, Microsoft Dynamics 365 project manager, financial consultant, or one of many other careers.