Choosing The Most Effective Point Of Sale Products

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If you are looking to increase your sales you should consider point of sale products.  These products are highly effective in boosting sales as they can generate impulse or upsell buys.  However, to make the most of you these products you need to know which are the most effective and how to sell them correctly.

Choose Smaller Items

The best point of sale products are usually small items that are fairly affordable.  At the counter, a customer is more likely to buy a packet of nuts than an expensive cake if there’s a leaflet holder or another type of signage. Smaller items are also easier to pick up which moving through the checkout like.

These small items are also more likely to be chosen as an impulse buy.  A customer can easier talk themselves into spend a couple more pounds.  However, if the item costs too much then the customers will generally take more time to think about it and this could end with them not purchasing.

Do Your Research

Research is essential to finding the right point of sale products to use.  While a large company may be placing snap frames poster frames, small companies can go with pavement signs or chalkboards. One of the best ways to conduct this research is with a split test.

For the split test, you will need to choose two items that you think will sell well and place them at the counter.  You should then monitor the sales of these items to see which is doing better.  Once you know which item is selling you can remove the other item from the counter.

However, it is best that you not stick with one item just because it sold more.  Continued testing is important to ensure that you always stock the right product at the counter.

Get Check Out Staff Involved

Having the best point of sale product is ideal, but to increase the sales you should get your check out staff involved.  Companies like Walgreens ensure that their staff always tries and upsell when customers are at the counter.  The cashier asking if you want to add something for a few pounds is a good way to attract attention to the products and increase sales.  Many customers will agree to the upsell if they are suddenly asked about it.

Don’t Forget Signage

A lot of businesses make the mistake of forgetting about signage when they look at point of sale products. Having the product at the counter does not mean that everyone is actually going to notice them. Having a sign that gives some form of benefit will attract the customer’s eye and make them more likely to purchase.

If you have candy bars at the counter try having a 2 for 1 offer.  This could increase the sales of the item at the counter.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to determine what the most effective point of sale product for your business is.  You need to do some research into your product and see which sells the best.  You should also consider what your customers would be likely to buy as an impulse purchase.