Clinton Portis money trouble: Ex-UM, NFL star owes banks, IRS, casino

Clinton Portis, shown at a red carpet event in California in May. (Getty Images)

The filings show Portis owes the IRS more than $450,000 in back taxes, which he failed to pay in 2006 and 2010. He owes the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas more than $287,000 for a debt incurred in May. A bank is trying to foreclose on a home he bought in Gainesville, where he starred at Gainesville High.

Those documents were unearthed by Graham Hall, who writes for UF’s student newspaper The Independent Florida Alligator and is a Post correspondent. They prompted Deadspin to investigate further, and it found:

* An auto dealer is seeking $157,290 in payments on an Audi S5.
* A bank is foreclosing on a $512,000 mortgage for a Miami condo in Portis’ name.
* A settlement to avoid possible foreclosure in Alabama.
* A $20,000 lawsuit from a condo association over assessment money.

Deadspin also reported the Gainesville home was purchased for his mother, Rhonnel Hearn.

Portis, 33, retired in 2012 after a prolific nine-year NFL career. According to the Alligator, Portis’ only known form of employment is speaking engagements and autograph signings. He has also appeared as an analyst for the ACC Digital Network.

“Portis pockets straight,” uttered during a 2008 radio interview, was his way of saying that his finances are in order.

In February, Portis was among several current and former NFL players who enrolled in UM’s Executive MBA for Artists and Athletes program.  The courses sought to “teach these accomplished individuals, many of whom have strong personal brands, how to leverage their current career success into business and social achievement.”

Among those in the program were former Hurricanes Jason Fox and Santana Moss, as well as Dolphins punterBrandon Fields, Seattle Seahawks offensive tackle Russell Okung and former NFLers Takeo Spikes andSydney Rice.

“A bunch of guys who wanted to get into UM, but couldn’t, so they decided to get into the MBA program,” Portis joked of the group during a get-together in February. “Now everyone’s throwing up the ‘U’.”


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