How to Combat Price Volatility with the Best Bitcoin Roth IRA

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There are many reasons why so many people now search for the best Bitcoin Roth IRA. Some of those reasons include that cryptocurrencies allow investors to truly diversify their portfolio, the fact that it knows no borders, and the fact that it is both a store of value and a medium of exchange. Indeed, more and more financial experts and regular individuals alike see it as a very lucrative form of investment. It is no surprise, therefore, that the IRS has approved these coins as a type of investment.

Volatility and How to Combat it with the Best Bitcoin Roth IRA

There are now numerous ways to add bitcoin to an investment portfolio. One is to purchase the coins themselves. Others invest in companies that have publicly declared to invest in bitcoin themselves. Others still invest in blockchain technology or in the creation of new types of cryptocurrencies. All are viable options  but all have a big stumbling block: volatility. However, clever investors have now started to develop methods to combat that.

Indeed, the volatility of bitcoin’s value is precisely what still scares many people away. One of the best ways for investors to fight against this, however, is through a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). This is a strategy that is loosely based on the Dollar-Cost Averaging investment technique. Essentially, this means that investors no longer purchase one big lump sum of bitcoin. Instead, they purchase small amounts at regular intervals, regardless of what the price is. In so doing, they are able to get more coins, or parts of the coin, when the price is low, but they have more value when the price is high. Doing so is a very intelligent long term trading technique that ensures at least some of the risks of the unpredictability and volatility are mitigated.

Using a SIP has a number of key benefits, including:

  1. That it ensures people invest in a disciplined manner.
  2. That timing is much less important.
  3. That it is convenient and does not require as much financial commitment in one go.
  4. That it brings the average purchasing cost down while increasing the opportunity to make long term profits.

Bitcoin SIPs are not very well-known yet, but they are being developed in more and more places. While this is a good strategy to use as part of an investment account, it is also important to remember that you are limited to how much you can contribute to these accounts each year. Furthermore, if you have decided to open a Roth IRA, you also have to pay taxes over the contributions you make into the plan. These are all things that you must calculate if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies as part of your retirement plan.

The best thing to do is to discuss your ideas, needs, and capabilities with an IRA custodian that accepts cryptocurrencies. While your IRA will be self-directed, a good custodian will be more than happy to provide you with excellent advice in terms of what is and is not possible.