Compare Ford EcoSport Vs Nissan Terrano

Comparing Ford EcoSport and Nissan Terrano, here are a few points to consider before making your purchase.

At a body level, the EcoSport falls short of Terrano’s length (3999 mm vs 4331 mm) and breadth (1765 mm vs 1822mm), it’s slightly taller (1708 mm vs 1671 mm). The ground clearance and the wheelbase again work in the favour of the Nissan (2673 mm to 2520 mm) and (205-200 mm). The Ford, however, is the lighter of the two at 1248 kg against its rival’s 1308 kg.

While looks are subjective, it is clear to the eye that the EcoSport has chosen an urban, contemporary look while the Terrano has gone for a more outdoor, butch demeanour. The Ford will appeal to the city dweller who wants a smart and quasi SUV look. As for the Nissan, it will grab the attention of those who like the regular SUV look but can’t stretch their budget for the real deal.

The other point of difference that clearly works in the EcoSport’s favour is the pricing. Ford has got it absolutely right when they chose to be aggressive and go for a Rs.7.89 lacs ex-showroom tag for the Ambiente 1.5 diesel version. A similarly specced Terrano will cost as much as Rs. 12.92 lacs for its 110 BHP variant. So, that also explains the huge waiting list that the EcoSport had initially.

The Ford Ecosport Interior space on the inside is where EcoSport struggles. It is, strictly, just a little bigger than a 4 seater. The back seat can hardly seat five adults comfortably. But Terrano has a wider bench and can accommodate the fifth person fairly well. Similarly, the boot space also is cramped in the Ford model. At just 346 litres, it pales before the Nissan that has 475 litres.

But when it comes to the feature list inside the cabin, the American win hands down. If the pricing has been very aggressive, the EcoSport certainly does not cut corners on what is on offer. State of the art features like Microsoft SYNC with its voice command driver approach, a push button facility to start the vehicle, climate control, six airbags and a dashboard that looks very futuristic. The Terrano is relatively spartan if elegant inside, with just two airbags and without climate control or other gizmos.

Engine specifications are not very different with a 1.5 litre diesel engine but the output is a high 108 BHP for the Terrano as against 89 for the EcoSport. Mileage is, though, in the Ford’s favour with over 3 km to the litre extra at 22.7 to the Nissan’s 19.1.

Both SUVs have their pluses and minuses. They are both competent vehicles and choosing one is based on the user’s requirement.

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