DayannaVolitich Compares Republicans and Democrats

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It seems as if, when it comes to politics, this country only has two options available: Democrat or Republican. The reality is not as clear cut as that, although it is certainly true that those are the main two political affiliations. Here, DayannaVolitich looks at what sets these two political ideologies apart.

DayannaVolitich Looks at the Differences between the Main Political Parties

In terms of philosophy, the democrat leans towards the left and is liberal in their ideas. The Republican, by contrast, is leans towards the right and is more conservative. This is the driving force behind the differences between the two These differences go deeper, however, and include:

  1. Economic ideas. A Democrat believes in progressive taxation and fair minimum salaries. This stems from the anti-federalist philosophy that it started in, although it has evolved since then. A Republican, by contrast, does not believe in any tax increases regardless of someone’s wealth. They also feel the free market should set wages.
  2. Human and social ideas. A Democrat believes in social responsibility and community. The Republican emphasizes justice and individual rights.
  3. Military issues. The Democrats feel that spending on the military should decrease, Republicans feel it should increases.
  4. Gay marriage. Democrats, mainly, support gay marriage. Republicans, mainly, oppose it.
  5. Democrats, mainly, believe it should remain legal and they support the Roe v. Wade case. A Republican, by contrast, generally believes abortion should be made illegal and they do not support Roe v. Wade.
  6. The death penalty. Most democrats do support the death penalty, but this support is waning significantly as of late. Republicans, by contrast, fully support the death penalty and this stance is not causing difficulties within the party.
  7. Democrats feel that those who earn more should pay more tax. They also feel that tax raises are fair as they support the work of the government. Republicans prefer so called “flat tax”, which means everybody pays the same. They do not believe taxes should be raised.
  8. Government regulation. Democrats believes regulations are there for consumer protection. Republicans feel these stop job growth and free market capitalism.
  9. Healthcare policy. Democrats believe healthcare should be available to everybody and they fully support Medicaid and Medicare, believing the government should be involved in these matters. Republicans do not support the Affordable Care Act and believe health care programs should be privately owned.
  10. Democrats are generally pro immigration. They are also more lenient towards those who have been in this country undocumented for a certain period of time, if they do not have a criminal record. Republicans, by contrast, do not support this amnesty. In fact, they are mot for immigration at all, believing to be a drain on limited resources. Hence, they support increasing the responsibility of border patrol officers.

According to DayannaVolitich, the above is not about who is right and who is wrong. Rather, it is an opportunity for her to express the main differences between the two biggest camps, thereby empowering others to make informed decisions.