Do You Need Your Own Private Corner of the Internet?

Seems like more and more ordinary citizens these days have their own website or blog or e-store or online portfolio. The days when it was just major companies or publications staking out turf on the web are over. Now, it’s a DIY kind of place, and maybe you’re wondering if you need to stake your claim.

Strictly Business

One reason you might want to spring for a site and a domain of your own is to promote your business or your professional abilities. Website templates designed for different occupations are readily available, and you can add ways for customers to contact you directly or through social media. If what you’re selling is your skill at writing or art or photography, collect a sampling of your work at a single online destination, and you’ll have one tidy link to share when someone asks for samples.

Soapbox for One

Do you have something to say that’s getting drowned out in the cascade of opinions on social media? Starting your own blog can give you a platform to make yourself heard above all the noise. You can make a blog part of your paid website or try a free blogging platform to just get your thoughts out there in the world.

Family Outreach

Conventional wisdom is that the internet is tearing families apart, but there are powerful ways in which it can bring far-flung families together. Many of the online apps you use for email or social media offer photo storage, surveys, chat groups, and calendars you can control access to. Invite family to your collection of data to schedule events, determine responsibilities, and share pictures taken with those who attended and those who couldn’t. It’s like that fancy Christmas letter all year round.

Setting up a corner of the internet for yourself may seem intimidating, but there are services just made for helping new arrivals plant their flag. Set up, speak up, and spread the word!