Enjoying the Freedom of Cross Country Travel

There are very few things that are as enjoyable as taking a trip across country. The intricate highway system that exists in the United States is one of the reasons why these long-distance trips are possible. For all of the talk about the need to repair the infrastructure, one cannot help but be amazed with how relatively well-maintained and clean the roadways are. A person can hop on 35W starting in Minnesota and drive all the way down to Texas. The road is relatively smooth and relatively free of potholes. In fact, for a good portion of the drive, a person’s able to do in excess of 75 mph legally and not worry about negative things impacting the function of their automobile, such as debris on the road.

In addition to the amazing roadway system, something else that facilitates cross country travel is the numerous gas stations that are available along the way. There are so many gas stations that it is difficult for an individual who was planning ahead to run out of gas. When most vehicles get down to one quarter of a tank, they still have enough gas to get them to the nearest gas station.

As anyone who has done a cross-country trip can attest, it is very rare to find a gas station pump that is not working. This is because gas station pump repair crews are actively working to keep the flow of gas constant.

In addition to offering gasoline for the automobile, most gas stations are a great place to stop to get a snack, use the restroom, wash up, and get ready for the next leg of the trip. Many gas stations even offer rest services and full restrooms. Since they are well lit and since most of them are located just off of the interstate, they provide a safe location for a traveler voyaging by themselves or a family to get rest.

Cross-country drives are enjoyable. They offer an alternative for travel for individuals who may not like flying. In most cases, a person traveling at a decent pace can cross one side of the country to another in less than two days.