Find out how restaurants and hotels can use SMS

A significant movement is going through the travel and hospitality industry, as restaurants and hotels are using text messaging to engage customers. However, a number of businesses are still thinking that how BulkSMS would fit into their present strategies. But, there is nothing to be worried about; there is an easy fix for this problem.

SMS in the hospitality and travel industry

You might find it surprising but 82% of travel and hospitality companies believe mobile messaging has a major or considerable affect on the ability to boost revenues. Out of all the probable uses of SMS, travel and hospitality companies believe that the major affect mobile messaging can have on their industry can be about: enhancing multichannel delivery capability, global communications, gaining deeper customer insight, improving the customer experience, or attracting and retaining customers.

Ways hotels can use text messaging

When looking at the travel and hospitality industry, hotels have a huge part of the market. Here are some of the key ways in which hotels can use and are presently using SMS to engage clients.

  • Reservation confirmations

When a guest books your hotel online or over the phone, an Bulk SMS service could send an automated SMS to the user with all the booking details. This removes the confusion and ensures confirmation details are easily accessible and at hand always.

  • Welcome notes

As the industry is becoming increasingly competitive, most of the leading hotels are trying to set apart their key services by customizing guest experiences to give a personal touch to their services. One way hotels do this by sending a welcome note in guests’ rooms on their arrival. These notes are good, but they are not that personal. Instead, hotels can send welcome messages via text messages.

These messages should be helpful, personal and brief. For an example, “Welcome to the hotel, daisy! We hope to make your stay comfortable at the Sunshine. Feel free to reply to this text if you need anything.” By including the name of the guest in the text and giving them an option to tell about their needs, you will make them feel more comfortable.

  • Janitor services

One section where a significant amount of growth is seen in this industry is with janitor services. Rather than placing a phone call, or waiting in line at the service desk, SMS provides a direct channel to janitor. From ordering room service to asking for fresh linens, this service can actually assist guests feel more comfortable.

  • Computerized checkout messages

Finally, hotels can use transaction SMS API to computerize and simplify the checkout process. Instead of sending invoices in guests’ rooms or your guests to move around the service desk on the day of checkout, SMS checkout message to them. This won’t only be easier for you, but it also presents your guest with one less thing to take care of.

So, find a smart messaging service today and improve your customer service and support easiesr and impressive way.