Finding Best Car Prices in India

Buying a car is a huge decision and Autoportal is dedicated to make it a bit easy for you in every possible way. We try to make your car buying easy by providing services related to car buying that help you from the very first step till the end. When you have a few car options in mind, the first thing you do is visit the brand showrooms to get details on those cars, like final on-road prices, features, optional features, technical specifications, etc. The whole process is so tedious and takes up a lot of your time and energy. Negotiating on the prices with the salesmen to get the best price is another story as a whole! That’s why, Autoportal brings to you a perfect on-road price tool, using which you can easily calculate the exact on-road price of your favourite cars on your own and compare several cars based on that. The process is very simple and gives you the final results in a jiffy!

First, let’s get to know a bit about what on-road price actually means

The on-road price of a four wheeler (for example, Renault Kwid price) or two wheeler is the final price that a customer pays to the dealer to purchase the vehicle. It includes several components, like ex-showroom price, insurance charges, RTO charges and cess, if applicable.

The ex-showroom is the price at which the dealer buys the vehicle from the brand. This charge is free from any kind of insurance or registration charges, and includes state taxes, transportation charges, dealer margins and other excise fees.
RTO charges are registration charges that are paid by the customer to get the vehicle registered. After registration, the customer gets RC (Registration Certificate) and registration number for the vehicle. Registration charges may differ based on where you reside and are different for different kinds of vehicles.
Car insurance is mandatory when you buy a vehicle. It protects you from unwanted payments in case of car theft or accidents. Car insurance charges differ based on the vehicle type and insurance providers.
Cess is the amount mandatory to be paid by the customer for cars with ex-showroom price more than Rs. 10 Lakh. This comes up to be 1% of the ex-showroom price of the car and is included in the final on-road price of the car.
So all these components add up to give the final on-road price of a car. Negotiating on the final price at the car showrooms becomes so frustrating and either you end up compromising on the price or if you are unaware of the best available price, you end up accepting a higher price. To avoid these situations, you should try Autoportal to find out the best on-road price available in your city at dealers near you.

How to find a car’s on-road price at Autoportal?

  • Visit and go to Get On-Road Price page.
  • On this page, you have to enter your personal details and the details of the car that you are researching on.
  • Click Get On-Road Price.
  • You will receive the on-road price details of the car via email.

That’s it! Just a few clicks and you have the best fair on-road price for your favourite car. No negotiations, no frustration!

So what are you waiting for? Start your search now! Try Autoportal – easy search on best on-road price of cars in India! Get Renault, Maruti Suzuki Baleno price and other cars’ prices at Autoportal.