Free Skill Development Training for the Rural Youth by IFFCOYuva

IFFCOYuva is a unique job portal that aims at providing employment opportunities to the rural youth of India. IFFCO, through its consistent efforts has gone the extra mile to end the disparity that the rural youth faces in terms of career opportunities, especially when it comes to jobs for freshers. Various job aspirants can access different job opportunities on the job portal in diverse categories, as well as put in their job applications online on the portal. Apart from this feature, one can directly search for the best online jobs, by using the search bar on the portal.

The most significant feature of IFFCOYuva is that it offers free skill development training to the youth, so that they can feel more empowered when it comes to building their careers. If you are interested in their free skill development training, you can go through the following steps:


Visit the IFFCOYuva job portal and register at the website by filling out some basic details, like full name, date of birth, city, etc. Also, you can upload you resume while you register at the website. After you register, you can search for job vacancies, either by company name or by the city of your preference, or by simply going through the job listings available.


IFFCOYuva is a one of its kind job portal in India that offers a set of questionnaires that you can practice to improve your learning. You can access the ‘Learning’ section after you login in to your account after you have registered. The ‘Learning’ tab helps you practice for a particular job or field that you want to apply for. All you have to do is select that job and start learning.


You can also go through practice sessions by selecting the ‘Practice’ tab, where you can access the tests according to expertise – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – for a particular category of jobs. You also have the option of selecting a timed session if you want to see how you fare in a time-pressured environment.


This is one of the most useful features that IFFCOYuva offers a job aspirant. This section comprises of a series of tests for a list of job categories. You have to choose the category and answer a fixed number of questions in a fixed period of time in order to earn the certification.

These features form a crucial part of gaining skill development training that IFFCOYuva offers. Due to the availability of certification, the rural youth is able to further enhance their skills and are able to get more job offers.

Apart from this, you can browse through different jobs in India by going through the job vacancies posted on IFFCOYuva, one of the most useful job posting sites.  Bottom line, IFFCOYuva provides an advantage to the rural youth by helping them search for jobs in India and practice their skills, all on a single platform.