Fuel Saving Tips To Reduce Your Car Maintenance Costs

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You can save on fuel in three main ways: reduce the distances you cover with your car, buy fuel at the lowest prices, and reduce the fuel consumption of your car.

You don’t have to fuel your car frequently if you don’t drive it often. You can carpool to work and share the cost of fuelling the car with like-minded individuals.

You can save money by taking advantage of gas station discounts to fuel your car at comparatively lower prices but this often means that you have to queue for hours as you wait for your turn to be served.

If you don’t have the time nor the patience wait behind long lines, then you have to find ways to reduce your car’s fuel consumption.

State of your car

The state of your car affects its fuel consumption. A worn out car in consumes more fuel for unit distance covered. It could also be releasing more emissions causing more harm to the environment.

Regular servicing and maintenance keeps your car in good working conditions and keeps your consumption low for a given driving distance. Change your oil filters and engine fluid regularly to have the engine burning gas more efficiently. You may want to have a mechanic from the best Best-Automechanicschools.Com since unqualified and inexperience personnel can do more damage than good leaving you with extra repair costs to settle.

Check your tires

The condition of your tires lay an important role in the fuel economy of your car. Worn out and underinflated tires have a high rolling resistance which means your car has to use more energy, gas in this case, to move from one point to another.

Abide by the tire pressure recommendations given by the manufacturer and which you can find on the side of the tire. Regularly check your tire pressure every two weeks and inflate them as required. Properly inflated tires improve your gas mileage.

Driving habits

The way you drive matters a lot when it comes to your safety and that of other road users, and the condition and fuel consumption of your car.

While driving at higher gears can save on fuel, it doesn’t achieve anything if you are constantly shifting gears because you have to accelerate and decelerate over short distances. Stepping on the gas pedal to stop your automatic car from lowering the driving gear doesn’t help matters either because the car has to work extra hard to keep up. Worse even, driving at high speeds increases the air drag against your car which means you have to burn more fuel to overcome the resistance.

The trick to drive at moderate speeds that you can hold for some distance before you are required to step on the brakes.

Reduce idling time

Your car consumes more gas in idling mode and it is economically better if you switch off the engine if you are going to remain stagnant for more than a minute. For durations less than a minute, the consumption in starting the car is usually more than what would be consumed in leaving the engine on.

This means that you have to avoid getting stuck in traffic as much as you can since starting and stopping the car several times will lead you to making frequent visits to the gas station.