How to make pictures speak through Voxweb


Speaking pictures is the new fad, thanks to Voxweb. There are people across the world now who are literally glued to this new way of capturing the image. But the question is – how do you handle it, and how it is done. Let us understand it in a very quick and crisp guide.

  1. Download the Voxweb app: You can download it for either apple or android platforms. It is free to download and should be compatible with any reasonably current android or iOS device.
  2. Capture the image and record voice: Capture the images, and record a message by tapping on the mike icon. Once you do that, your picture would have audio embedded to it.
  3. Share: Once you take the photo, you can share it to your contacts or via other mediums. However, only the users with voxweb application installed to their phones would be able to play the pictures.
  4. Community: You can also post the pictures within the community where a lot of folks can explore them.
  5. Play: It is easy to play the speaking images. They are marked with an orange line below the photo, and once you see any of the images with the orange line, you can just long tap on it to get started, and it would play the message.

Ever since its inception, it has taken social media by storm and has made a strong case for a new resurgence of image sharing in social media platform. The craze of this app is steadily picking up.

People across various continents are switching onto this new app for sharing images and emotions alike. They now care little for the typos or having the need to type in nontypable sounds.

Commenting on the experience, RashmiMathur, a voxweb user said, “It is just too good! Initially, I used to think of captions, but that’s a thing of past”. Folks across the globe have a similar story to share.  The speaking pictures are making headways to their lives and are proving to be a revolution.

The concept is backed by various investors who have visioned a great scope in the world of speaking images. There is a great deal of changes that the apps like this can bring about. And this seems to be the beginning of the way apps are made and are shared on platforms.

Voxweb is completely redefining the way we are dealing with images and it is expected to continue the same trend. So far, it has received kudos from everyone who has interacted with their portal, and the flurry of appreciations is bound to pour in.

No matter how long it takes for the app to garner the fanfare, one thing is sure. This app does everything to leave users with a delightful experience. It is one of the best apps in its class.