How to Survive as a Photographer in Today’s Industry




There was a time in which anyone who could light a photo well was of value, but those people are of no value anymore, says artist rep Maren Levinson. In the 5-minute interview above, Levinson offers some great insights into how the photography industry has changed over the past several years and what photographers need to do to stay relevant and needed.

“The only reason to hire a professional and pay the rates that allow them to make a living is if they can offer something that you can’t get somewhere,” Levinson says. “And the only way they can offer something that you can’t get somewhere else is if they have their own voice and vision.”

Photographers need to focus their vision into something that will set them apart from the masses — otherwise, your work won’t make an impression and won’t be memorable.

“You will get reduced to one sentence, and its your job to fill that sentence,” says Levinson. “You have to think about how you want people to refer to you in one sentence.”





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