IIFL: Bridging Digital Divide between rural and urban India, Old and young India


When you see India of 2016vs India of 1996, you would notice a lot of difference. In today’s world, technology is bridging the gap between the ones who wealthy and the one who doesn’t have many resources. This holds good for a common citizen who can file an RTI (Right To Information) query and get information from the country’s highest office to investors who can get access to information about any company within a few seconds.

Today, one doesn’t need to show up on a stock exchange’s floor to get access to critical information. Ever since the evolution of technology, the gap is diminishing. Today, a person living at rural part of India gets access to equal information as a sophisticated investor who spend hours at Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Today, most of the Indian investors use smartphones. With it, they get the limitless knowledge to make well-informed decisions. IIFL Market, with lakhs of downloads and over an impressive 4-star rating, is one such stock market app that is bridging this divide.

In rural India, where the resources like constant electricity supply and internet are limited, one can’t expect an investor to carry a laptop 24*7. Mobiles make it easy – since it doesn’t warrant constantly electricity supply nor constant connectivity with the internet. This seems to be one of the greatest blessings of Digital initiatives by various companies.

Armed with features like price alerts, trade notification, integration of market news, and a whole host of tips, IIFL Markets has raced ahead of many other established global players like Moneycontrol.

Just like green revolution, the solution lied in conceptualizing Indian-ness in trading portals. Most of the stock market apps managed to accomplish that.

Key Features of IIFL Market app

  • Multiple watch lists – Keep commodities aloof from stock markets, or draw a distinction between yours’ and your spouse’s portfolio
  • Smart Notifications – want an update when a stock hit a particular level? Set that up on the app and the app will let you know when it happens.
  • Trading right through the smartphone – trade directly without waiting to make frivolous phone calls or footing expensive telephone bills.
  • Widget – One of the best features of the stock market app. And what’s more, you can glimpse through it without even opening the app! Now, that’s master class.


The voluminous features in the stock market app are just closing the gap between various investors, they have more access to information now than they ever did before. All this comes for free. Most of the leading apps like IIFL Markets can be downloaded from App Store of Google Play (Depending on the smartphones) for             free.

This digital India initiative will certainly go a long way in changing things for better. You too can join the chorus and support the digital India initiative by going smart with your investments.