Importance Of Test And Examination At College Level

Importance Of Test And Examination At College Level

Examinations play a crucial role at the entry or exit level of college life. Many may feel it is prudent to skip it but the fact remains that it is a bad idea. Some of the top notch colleges are saying goodbye to final exams. As far as educational theory goes the concept of exams are supposed to benefit the students hugely. It offers the last opportunity of going through the study materials and filling in any gap present in understanding the concept. Forming the big picture after gleaning information from the courses over the year becomes easier and helps in learning the knowledge more thoroughly.

Regular and consistent preparation

Since exams are not to be taken lightly, students put in their best so that maximum retention takes place and the knowledge gained can be utilized in future in work or business. The constant pressure of exams is something that drives you to stay ahead of the class and prepare for the semesters in advance. It acts as a motivation for most and efforts are made to memorize the lessons all through the semester. Many serious pupils detest last minute cramming which serves no real purpose. It neither improves memory nor cognitive skills. Regular practice sessions help to better grasp the concepts and ideas that help in acquiring sound knowledge.

Doing away with exams

No matter how beneficial the process most students prefer not to give the cumulative exams in the final year and the decisions is wholeheartedly supported by the administration of a college because it means less work for them. Grading the students and correcting the scripts is another responsibility many would not like to take. Sometimes the final exams are made optional for students who are interested in it as a reward for the good performance in the semester. However students miss out the fact that both good and weak students stand to gain by the process. The revision work and preparation had been designed in the best interests of the students.

Grades over knowledge

Often the fact that the cumulative exams don’t consist of a sizeable chunk of the final exam and hence don’t affect the grades makes many students immune to the pressure of preparation. It keeps them stay away from crucial preparation which can otherwise benefit them. Education has become mechanical and all that most students can think of is getting good grades. The application of acquired knowledge in daily life is important but students rarely have time for that. Examinations help not only gauge the amount of knowledge but also work out the deficiency areas and making them strong. Problems and questions help to make out the amount of knowledge gathered and how strong the base is for further studying.

Work after final review

The process of grade submission does not allow enough time for reviewing the final exams. Students don’t show enough interest in meeting with the professors following the exams and undermine the references and letters of recommendations that professors are capable of. They are simply happy with the grades and how it can help in moving into the wide job market ahead. The knowledge after the review remains incomplete and the students are too busy to pay attention to that. Exams create a stress among students which contributes to their aversion for it. The amount of knowledge gained becomes negligible in front of the stress of good grades because they are highly necessary for bagging good jobs.

Running the last lap

College life is the last lap before entering the professional one wherein perseverance, time management, determination and motivation are important qualities that you will need to show later on. Exams and the preparation before that prepare you for the challenges in life not just knowledge-wise but also in terms of behavior. Controlling situations beyond your capacity with the help of acquired knowledge is something that you learn and practice here before the actual implementation. Escape from tests saves you from hard work that aids in character building and overcoming weaknesses which paves the way for future success. Stimulation of the thought process is important and what better way than answering difficult questions based on real life applications.

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