Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

The Importance of Precision Motion in Pick-and-Place Assembly Systems

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These days, most manufacturers of surface-mount devices use pick-and-place machines or P&Ps to place electronic components onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). These PCBs are incorporated into computers and other consumer electronics, as well as various industrial, medical, automotive, military, and telecommunications equipment, ensuring that the modern world as we know it runs like clockwork.

Manufacturers rely on P&Ps to improve their workflows and increase their productivity and profits. For such companies, it is vital to choose the right pick-and-place machines that will deliver high performance and ensure quality output every time. These machines make use of top-quality XY linear stages, precision gantry systems, efficient conveyor belts, and other high-performance components to make sure that they work as expected.

We list down important reasons why businesses should invest in the right pick-and-place assembly systems:

Accurate Placement of Components

Precision motion guarantees accurate placement of important components such as capacitors, resistors, and integrated circuits onto PCBs. High accuracy in the mounting of these components is crucial in pick-and-place because it ensures that PCBs are consistently manufactured with the highest standard of quality. By ensuring precision, the company minimizes the possibility of manufacturing substandard boards that could malfunction in the future. This consistency in delivering quality leads to customer satisfaction and continued patronage of existing buyers. It also builds your company’s credibility in the market and opens you up to more production opportunities with other future clients.

Higher Volume of Production

A highly accurate machine is less likely to experience system failure and errors. A perfectly functioning P&P assembly system prevents disruptions and allows for the completion of the production process in the least amount of time of possible. The more efficient your workflow, the higher volume of production your company can deliver. Since the system rarely breaks down and repairs are seldom required, employees can use the time to focus on more important tasks, thus increasing their productivity.

Output Quality

Aside improving manufacturing throughput rates, precision motion in pick-and-place machines also ensures high-quality output all the time. This advanced system can intelligently determine the amount of movements that must be performed, the required accuracy of placements, the weight of the objects to be lifted, the shape of the workpieces, and the distance they must be moved. A P&P assembly system takes these factors into consideration to ensure consistency in producing high-quality outputs.

Increased Savings

Precision motion control helps manufacturers avoid incurring unexpected costs due to human error or machine failure. A highly accurate P&P machine provides quality output every time, which prevents manufacturers from having to deal with faulty product batches.

When it comes to surface mount technology pick-and-place machines, precision motion plays a vital role in ensuring a streamlined workflow, consistent quality output, and optimum use of financial resources. As with many other types of automated processes that are reliant on highly accurate motion control, the manufacturing of printed circuit boards are thus made more efficient and adaptive to the evolving needs of the market.