Jim Byrne KCOY Weatherman – Cool Jobs That Pay Really Well

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We are told that the ideal job is one where we love what we do and we get paid very well for doing it. Unfortunately the vast majority of us do not have jobs that we would describe this way. One of the reasons is because most of the really great jobs take special training and even with this training it’s difficult because they are very competitive.

The two jobs we list here are very cool, pay well and they also require special training. However if you are determined and you have some special skills you might be able to land one and if you do you will have a career that is fun and rewarding.


A weatherman is a trained meteorologist who’s an expert on weather systems, the climate, and the atmospheric conditions that create the weather. You can see many weatherman on the local news cast delivering the forecast for the weather. To excel at this job you must have a degree in meteorology and have skills and public speaking and speaking on camera.

Those who have been successful at the joblike Santa Maria based Jim Byrne KCOY weatherman spend the majority of their time away from the camera tracking the weather systems around the world and interpreting what it will mean for their particular city. Most people think that weathermen are only actors, but in reality they are highly trained professionals. Even with this being the case, they still use phrases like probability, high degree, good chance of, because predicting the weather is still an inexact science.

So they must always leave room for their particular forecast to not be precise. However as time passes and they gain a better understanding of the weather and better tools to track the weather, weathermen are becoming more accurate in predicting the weather. If you think this is the job for you, get your meteorology degree, take some acting lessons, and call your local television station for an addition.

Video Game Developer

Video games have become one of the largest industries in the world. Each day hundreds of millions of people interact with video games for fun, and in some cases, cash. Those that develop the games have become super stars in their own right. Today video game makers’ popularity rivals that of Hollywood film directors. And the revenue some of their games generate, rivals that of the top Hollywood films.

Many top universities and technical schools offer degrees in video game design and development. These programs are typically tied to video game companies who can never find enough high quality video game people. As a result they take them directly out of schools and employ them with six figure incomes and lots of in office perks.

If you have an interest in this career, you should know that it is high pressure and often lonely work. You will spend long hours alone working on your computer to create small parts of the video game and it will likely take many years before you can even understand the actual project you were working on. This is due to the fact that video games are segmented when they are created, so those creating the game often have no idea what the game will look like or even the story line. But it can be very rewarding both financially and when your work is completed, you might see millions of people playing your game.