How To Keep Your Financial Information Safe Online

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It seems like whenever you turn on the news, there’s a new story about hackers breaching databases and releasing thousands of people’s personal financial information. Your financial information plays a huge role in your life. No one wants to feel like their financial security has been compromised. While there’s no way to completely guarantee you’ll never be susceptible to financial theft, there are indeed some tips you can follow to minimize your risk. Here’s how to keep your financial information safe online.

Be Wary Of Who You Give Your Information To

There are plenty of websites that have been established with the sole goal of tricking people into handing over their financial information. If you’re on a suspicious-looking website with a blinking “click here” button that promises you some free or unreasonably discounted item if you just hand over your credit information, it’s probably best not to do so. Even if your credit card company ensures offers some sort of identity theft protection, you want to be extremely careful when it comes to who you give your financial information to, especially online.

Avoid Credit Score Companies

Everyone is entitled to a free copy of their credit report once a year from any of the major credit reporting bureaus. There are many companies that sell services where you can pay to have regular access to your credit score. Unfortunately, many of these companies are somewhat unscrupulous and should be avoided. If you need access to your credit score because you’re suspicious that you may have been a victim of theft, talk to your credit card company. They’ll often grant free copies to their customers if they believe a theft has occurred.

Change Your Information Regularly

It’s a good idea to regularly obtain a new credit card and to change the passwords to your online banking access, especially in an era where hacking and identity theft are so common. Even if thieves have obtained access to your data, it won’t be of much use to them if you regularly change your information.

Even in a world full of identity theft, it’s possible to keep your information secure. Follow these tips to minimize your risk of being a victim of financial crime.