KENT Aura Air Purifier – The Best Bet for a Healthy Home

Every year, millions of people fall prey tovarious diseases due to air pollution, and unfortunately, the numbers are increasing at a rapid pace.It is not just outdoor air pollution that is affecting us but also indoor pollution that is also harmful to us.There are many air pollutants such as dust, pollen, pet hair and microorganisms like bacteria that contaminate the air. To curb this situation, prestigious brands like KENT have introduced innovative and efficient air purifiers for home.

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KENT Aura Air Purifier is one such air purifier for home which is equipped with thebest technology to make your home a healthy abode. You can easily install in a room of 270 sqft and make it pollution free for your family.

To know whether this can be your best bet for a healthy home, read further as we have a list of some of the most significant and useful features of KENT Aura Air purifier.

  • HEPA Technology

Using the best HEPA technology from Japan, KENT Aura removes 99% of the hazardous pollutants from the air. Its HighEfficiency Particulate Arrestor(HEPA) filter uses a 3-stage mechanism to capture harmful particles such as dust mites, pet dander, tobacco smoke, mould spore, which are larger than 0.3 microns. This, in turn, helps in improving the quality of air.

  • Improves Freshness in Air

Another interesting feature of KENT Aura is its inbuilt ionizer. Through this ionizer, the air purifier for home releases negative ions that force the air pollutants to stick to the walls. It then entraps them on an electrically-charged collection plate near the ionizing unit. All this makes the air fresher and rejuvenating for your loved ones. So, if you want a dose of fresh air every day, then KENT Aura is all you need in the house.

  • Automatic Air Quality Monitoring

The technology that KENT Aura uses is a wonderful delight to the customers. One of them is the inbuilt sensor, and air quality LED Display, whichdetermines the air quality of your home. For instance, if the air quality is excellent then it will show blue colour. Other than that, it uses pink for good and red for poor air quality. Once you see thecolour forrespective air quality, you can adjust the settings of the air purifier as per your needs.

  • No Foul Smell

KENT Aura Air Purifier has an activated carbon filter that can remove any foul or bad smell from the air. So, if you install it, you will not have to worry about the smelly surroundings but feel good about the freshness all around.

  • Easy to Use

The last line of the previous point brings us the easy-to-operate feature of KENT Aura. This trusted air purifier is specially designed in a way that you will not find it difficult to operate it. There is an 8-hour timer function along with three different speed levels giving you the option to customise the speed as per your needs.

  • Stylish Design

It is not just the air purifying technology and features that can charm you, but also its design and look that can make you buy KENT Aura right away. The simple yet stylish design can be a good and useful addition to your home.

Apart from these features, KENT Aura Air Purifier also has filter change indicator, child lock technology and low noise operations that strengthen its position among other air purifiers in the market. And now that you know why, then folks don’t just sit there and think whether to buy it or not. Just get it soon to have a healthy home for a healthy family.