LESS BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Currency experts warn the pound will hit £1 to €1 this year – here’s how to get the best travel money rate

There are fears the currency will continue to fall as we leave the EU


Strategists from HSBC, David Bloom and Daragh Maher, have predicted that £1 will be worth just €1 and $1.20 for £1 by the end of the year, according to a note seen by Business Insider.

But the market exchange rate can vary from the rate offered by bureaux de change, meaning that British customers are likely to get even less than €1 for £1.
Some airport money exchanges already offer poor rates if you leave getting cash until you arrive at the airport.

Anyone exchanging cash today would get $1.26 and 1.13 euros for every £1 on travel website air.money, as long as it’s ordered in advance.