Our loansare open to anyone regardless of their previous credit history in borrowing various loans from various money lending organizations. The following list gives an overview of customers and clients who are eligible to transact with us:

People suited for our loans

  1. People with past credit blows.
  2. Those in dire need of money to support them until the next payday.
  3. People experiencing fortuitous expenses.
  4. Those in need of a fast income to help them through pint-sized expenditures.
  5. People who are able to create a good loan credit history.

We rarely use cloud-based e-commerce services to offer Captaincash Loans to any client. We only receive pictures, scans or screenshots of the documents of your applications. This offers high security for our services, unlike malware which is presented by hosts such as One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and much more. Valid phone numbers should be provided during online application of the loan.

This makes it easier to follow up easily with all the contacts you have provided in your application.We offer secure and quality services to all our clients as every part of the application is done online with zero paperwork in the loan application process.

Captaincash quality services are bundled with technology such as the e-signature authorization and instant loan verification.

We offer quick loans which are deposited immediately without long bank application processes or paperwork. This is made easier by our access to your bank accounts.

Loan Eligibility

  1. 18 years of age or more.
  2. Possess an income of over $1200 every month which is deposited directly into the bank account.
  3. Be in a stable employment with a job service of a minimum of 3 months in the organization or more.
  4. Be a citizen of Canada.
  5. Possess a Canadian bank account which is active for more than 3 months and payment is made directly to the bank account.
  6. The applicant should not be bankrupt or member of consumer proposals.
  7. Should have little or no transactions made with non-sufficient funds.
  8. He or she should have very low debt ratios for short-term loans such as payday loans or short-term loans.

Income sources which are not accepted

  1. Loans for students
  2. Social welfare assistance
  3. Taxes on children
  4. Self-employment
  5. Income for the disabled
  6. CPP
  7. Private pensions
  8. Insurance income

Attributes of Our Loan Services

  1. It is some of the time directed for benefit;
  2. No fundamental regular security or earlier connection amongst banks and borrowers;
  3. Intermediation by a shared loaning organization;
  4. Transactions happen on the web;
  5. Lenders may frequently pick which borrowers to put resources into if the P2P stage offers that office;
  6. The advances can be unsecured or secured and are not ordinarily ensured by government protection but rather there can be assurance reserves.

Loans by Captaincash are securities that can be exchanged to others, either for obligation gathering or benefit, however not all P2P stages give exchange offices or free evaluating decisions and expenses can be high, several percent’s of the sum sold, or nil.