If You Have A Mac Then Do Not Think Twice Before Buying This

I use a MacBook Air for my professional works in editing photos and videos. Being a wedding photographer, my hard disks are always filled with a number of photos and videos. For the post processing works, I have to use the resource intensive programs like Adobe Photoshop, Light room, Premiere Pro, Aftereffects among other packages. All these programs are RAM chokers. They consume a lot of computing power. Although the MacBook held up nice and fine for the first six months of work, it started to slow down and the performance of the system was also reducing. I had to clean up the files but I was not able to detect the files at all. That is when I searched in the internet and found this wonderful cleaner for Mac.


It is easy to install and the graphic user interface of this software is simple. The layout was easy to understand and it was not confusing. Moreover it had many functions which were useful to me. This is a cleaner that I only wished I had found earlier.

It is loaded with functionalities that make the job easy

The cleaner helped me to clean all the junk files and the unnecessary cache files which were slowing down the system, with a single click of a button. I did not have to go search for and check all the files in my computer. Photoshop and other packages are relatively stable these days but all the error messages and dumps have clogged up the log files in my computer which is also unnecessary junk. If not for this, I might have never found them or cleaned them. For a photographer, the best utility is the function of finding and deleting the duplicate files. During the creation of album for a wedding or any other function, you take backups of the photos and videos in the RAW format in your system at many locations.

This is to ensure the safety and redundancy of the files. However over the period of time, these duplicate backups block a lot of the disk space thereby reducing space and performance. It was easy to use and delete all the unwanted duplicates with this cleaner.