Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2018

Maximizing Your Space: Clever Ideas to Make a Small Warehouse Seem Bigger

When you’re a startup business, saving money is the goal in any industry. You might lease a storefront for inventory stocking and distribution purposes. Taking on a huge warehouse isn’t possible for your budget, however. It’s a fact that even the smallest warehouse can be efficient when it’s organized in a particular manner. Learn how to maximize your warehouse space so that success is a daily occurrence.

Streamline Stocking Orders

You want to make a good showing for your clients. Being able to deliver on inventory with a moment’s notice is part of the game. However, you can’t randomly fill your warehouse with stock. Streamline it with clever, stocking orders.

Analyze the popular items that move out of your warehouse on a daily basis. Keep an ample supply of these products on your cantilever racking. Maintain a trickle of products from your less-than-popular lines too. Shipping in a custom order on occasion won’t hurt your business. You’ll save space in the warehouse as a result.

Go Upward

Your warehouse has a lot of space regardless of its square footage. Looking upward is your answer to a more spacious, stocking area. Consider racking from a local supplier, such as Simply Rack, so that you can have a permanent installation added to the warehouse. These racks use the open-air space within the warehouse to stock more inventory than you ever imagined before.

Minimize Clutter

Every business has its busy periods. Tossing boxes, tape and shipping materials around might occur before every pickup at day’s end. To maintain the warehouse space, prioritize cleanup after the busy times. Make sure that there’s a place for everything, including a nook for the tape rolls. Organizing the essentials and tossing out trash will only improve the shipping area’s efficacy while preserving the inventory surrounding it.

The warehouse is often overlooked as a working space, especially when it’s hidden in the back of a property. Maintain the warehouse as if it was the showroom space. By thinking differently about the warehouse, it will remain clean and efficient through the busiest days.