Protecting Your Business and Clients from Cyber Crime

One of the most memorable cybercrimes was, of course, the Sony hack where cybercriminals accessed sensitive information and leaked it to the world. This is not even one of the worst attacks. There are companies that have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to this wave of high tech crime. Even average sized companies have been known to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is why organizations such as Global Resources insist on incorporating adequate levels of security. This helps to protect your client information as well as your business from unknown entities. Here are some ways that you can fortify your security measures:

Data Encryption

Information is power and you may not know it but you could be storing a great deal of important information on your company computers. Hackers and cybercriminals typically use social security numbers, credit card information, and other sensitive knowledge to drain funds. This is why you should ensure that all of the data on your computer is encrypted. There are many operating systems that already have encrypting facilities built into them. If you are storing extremely sensitive information, however, you may want to consider greater encryption measures. Data encryption ensures that while your system is at rest, they will not be able to read the data.

Securing the Network

One of the most common ways that hackers are able to access sensitive information is through weakened Wi-Fi networks. The cybercriminals utilize a method that is known as ‘wardriving’ to access networks that are inadequately protected. To avoid this, your best option is to forego a wireless network completely. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to access your information. They will need to physically be in a particular space in order to get to the materials that they want. If you wish to use Wi-Fi, however, ensure that it is highly encrypted as well as hidden from public access.

Protection against Malware and Viruses

Hackers often use malware and viruses to disrupt company proceedings as well as steal information. There are many ways that these files can be planted in your computer. They can be implanted via the Wi-Fi network, send through emails, or planted by websites. Once among your files, they can do a great deal of damage and get very important information and materials. The best way to reduce the risk of malware and viruses is to install the appropriate software. These can range from the milder versions that accompany most operating systems to more heavily equipped software. You should always remember to never disengage such software and to frequently ensure that it is updated. You should also not open emails or other attachments from unknown senders.

In this day and age, technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. This, unfortunately, means that there are more ways than before to access digital and online information. This is why you must prepare your business and your employees to resist such cyber-attacks. You should utilize all of the software and methods that are available to you to fortify your computer systems.