How to Sell Food Without Opening a Restaurant

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While many people dream of opening a restaurant, others know that running a food business can take a lot of time. Experts claim that up to half of all new restaurants will not last longer than a year. The cost of opening a restaurant can be more than you expected too because you are responsible for the rent on the building, commercial kitchen equipment and the salaries of the staff working for you. If you want to share some of your favorite dishes with others without opening a restaurant, you can sell those dishes in a few fun ways.

Food Truck

Operating a food truck is much easier than operating a full restaurant. You can offer a more limited menu of dishes and go wherever the customers are. These trucks let you set up in locations all across your city and even go to rallies and special events. You should keep in mind that many cities require you have a permit to run a food truck and that you pass an inspection that ensures you follow safety regulations. These trucks can also cost quite a bit to purchase too.

Food Stand

If you live in a city with a large tourism industry, you might consider opening a food stand. Unlike a restaurant that is open most days of the year, a food stand is only open during the busy season. You can make enough in a few months to take the rest of the year off, but you may want to work in another job the rest of the year. Food stands generally offer fewer items for sale and stick to basic dishes like hot dogs and ice cream. Serving bagged potato chips and other simple side dishes can help your profits grow.

Food Cart

Promotional carts are also great for those who want to sell food but don’t want to open a full restaurant. Manufacturers make carts for specific types of foods and dishes like cold drinks, ice cream and even wine. Some carts have electronics inside that keep ice cream frozen or keep drinks at the perfect temperature for serving. You’ll also find branded carts designed for those selling products from certain companies that let customers know you are an authorized seller. Instead of opening a restaurant, you can sell your favorite foods from a cart, stand or food truck.