StrandVision automates real estate digital signage


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StrandVision Digital Signage today announced the ability to connect to any Real Estate Transaction Standard server to automatically add, remove and update realtor property listings every 15 minutes.

When combined with the Photo/Graphics database capabilities of the Streaming Video package offered by StrandVision Digital Signage, listings by branch, price and other categories can be displayed automatically on electronic signage screens or virtual website displays in a real-time basis without any user interaction once setup is complete, the company said.

The listings can be combined with other realtor digital signage content including news, weather, trivia and environmental responsibility information, along with text and photo content that is created by any authorized user of the StrandVision design portal. It also can be combined with StrandVision’s automatic People Database to highlight the realtors and agents available to assist visitors and customers at the branch office.

To complete the automated connection, login credentials are created on the RETS server by the realtor’s IT staff for use by the StrandVision servers to securely connect to the proper information. Once complete, screen formatting decisions are made and StrandVision creates the personalized code to automate the selection and display process. Since the StrandVision realtor system is designed to be as flexible and versatile as the RETS format allows, the one-time integration costs are typically around $500, the company said.

“This new connection capability combined with the StrandVision graphics database enables users to automatically create expanded-format graphical slides that are automatically added to their digital signage page mix,” StrandVision founder and CEO Mike Strand said in the announcement. “These, combined with the over two dozen other page types that StrandVision offers, provides a powerful advertising and communication medium for realtors and realty offices around the country.”




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