Sujoy Dhar The Toppest Blogger

Sujoy Dhar one of the top blogger that we have discovered from India who was Blogging Websites since 2009 . Sujoy Dhar studied in Dum Dum Mothijheel College with B.Com Hons and while studying in College he have developed a website known as Fortricks with his friend Loknath Das . However everything is required time and patience so it is not possible for both of them to continue with Blogging so they are separated and Sujoy Dhar owned the Website Fortricks and on the other hand Loknath Das have started building his own websites alone . Both Loknath Das and Sujoy Dhar are the best friend who have worked for their blogs and developed a biggest network among them .

Sujoy Dhar BloggerImage Source : Provided by Sujoy Dhar

Sujoy Dhar Life Story

Sujoy Dhar belong to a middle class family who was recieving Pocket money of Rs. 30 for spending 30 Days while he was studying at school Class XII . Though Sujoy Dhar was happy of what he is having and it seemed to be a joke but it is true as Sujoy Dhar have revealed this in his interviews on several blogs .

He have not recieved any family or friends support for blogging . He have come up to blogging by savings money and working some small website work . He and his friend Loknath Das have created the domain Fortricks by paying Rs. 99 .

Sujoy Dhar Blogging Life

Sujoy Dhar started his blogging as a hobby but he never thaught that this blogging will make him so much popular today . He have started blogging first on Blogger hosted by Google with his website Fortricks . After learning HTML coding and Blogspot designing he have come to the WordPress platform . Gradually he started learning coding . The first website he have hosted on WordPress was Best Blogs popularly known as WideInfo which have recueved PR 4 in one and half months !

Blogging is for the free time pass who is having a lots of time in learning and loving it . While working on the job or studying , Blogging is not suitable for them as Blogging is not a simple process to keep it going , it requires lots of time and patience in getting success and become a successful blogger. – Sujoy Dhar

Except Blogging Sujoy Dhar Life

Currently except blogging he do manage his father’s business and also studying MBA from Brainware Group Of Institute .

Sujoy Dhar SEO Tools

Seo Tools by Sujoy DharImage Source : Taken From Seo Tools by Sujoy Dhar

Currently he build up a group of SEO Tools which is more popular for the Blog Owner , Article Writer and also for the Seo Analyst . Seo Tools are more powerfully build up with several alogrithm that will give you the perfect report . Free Search Engine Optimization Tools by Sujoy Dhar contains the tools like Plagiarism Checker , Backlink Maker , Website Indexer and more seo tools . So you might love the tools and use it daily for your blogging or managing your websites effectively !

Sujoy Dhar highlighted his activity on his website I am Sujoy that he do Search Engine Optimisation , WordPress Performance Boosting and also He is a Website Designer . We have also find several Interviews article from Google mentioning that Sujoy Dhar is the popular blogger from India and we do feel that like Sujoy Dhar there will be other people who would love to be a blogger so do read blogging success stories like Sujoy Dhar do shared .